Thyroid expert, Dr. Denis Wilson, tells us why taking body temperature may be the most important test for thyroid health.

Today we are talking to Dr. Denis Wilson, an integrative practitioner and entrepreneur, with a passion for understanding the tempo and the temperature of life. Dr. Wilson doesn’t just have a passing interest in thyroid health, he has a thyroid syndrome named after him. He is kind, witty and knowledgeable about a topic that affects so many of us — adrenal and thyroid health. Dr. Wilson explains how the thyroid gland sets the pace of life, so for those of you looking to optimize your metabolism and your overall health, let’s do this.

Key Takeaways:

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[1:58] What influenced Dr. Wilson’s interest in thyroid and adrenal health and his journey to a holistic approach to practicing medicine?

[4:28] It really isn’t logical to expect thyroid dysfunction to show up on a blood test.

[6:39] Metabolism problems may be caused by lack of thyroid hormone, or by difficulty converting the thyroid hormone.

[7:17] 37 degrees Celsius is a good baseline body temperature.

[8:20] The creator of the TSH blood test was worried that doctors would put too much store in the test and ignore other signs and symptoms of thyroid dysfunction.

[9:49] Toxins and stress may be playing a big role in the current thyroid dysfunction epidemic.

[11:06] Blue light is also a problem for hormone function.

[11:56] Treating adrenal fatigue sometimes cures symptoms of thyroid dysfunction.

[13:16] What exactly is adrenal fatigue?

[16:03] Not everyone who experiences stress will develop adrenal fatigue.

[17:09] How does Dr. Wilson manage stress?

[18:57] What are some common symptoms of adrenal fatigue?

[20:42] Dr. Wilson likes to try treating his patients with “potent groceries,” before running “a ton of tests.”

[22:15] Dr. Wilson uses therapies to reboot hormone pathways.

[25:19] Can someone come off of thyroid medication?

[27:16] What about autoimmune thyroid conditions like Hashimoto’s and Grave’s?

[28:53] How can low temperatures lead to autoimmune conditions?

[31:08] Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is a reversible problem.

[34:02] Dr. Wilson absolutely tests temperature on every patient he sees.

[36:11] How should someone take their temperature to ensure an accurate reading?

[40:34] Health is optimal function of the body, mind and spirit.

[41:00] Take this month’s quiz about stress and adrenal fatigue

[41:38] Dr. Wilson incorporates a really unique flashcard system into his morning routine.

[43:32] Dr. Wilson prefers to read non-fiction.

[44:05] Dr. Wilson likes Celestial Seasonings Apple and Cinnamon.

[44:52] What does Dr. Wilson do for fun?

[46:00] Entrepreneurism may be an inherent personality trait, or may be learned.

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Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness, by Broda Barnes


Geratherm Thermometer



“[Temperature] is not a good measure of the metabolic rate, it’s an exact measure of the metabolic rate.”


“Everything that goes on in the body is mediated by enzymes.”


“[Temperature] can explain a lot of symptoms.”


“ The thermometer is a speedometer [for our bodies]”


“ The faster we live, the higher our temperature is.”

More About Dr. Denis Wilson

Dr. Wilson identified Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome in 1990 as a reversible thyroid hormone imbalance characterized by low thyroid symptoms, low body temperatures, and normal thyroid blood tests.  Dr. Wilson found that Wilson’s Syndrome could often be corrected using a special T3 protocol in a matter of months.  This is as opposed to hypothyroidism which is a thyroid hormone deficiency that usually needs to be treated for life.  Dr. Wilson was the first doctor to use sustained-release T3.

Dr. Wilson graduated from the University of South Florida College of Medicine and wrote the book, Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome – A Reversible Thyroid Problem; and the Doctor’s Manual for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome.  He has been educating physicians for over 20 years on the use of sustained release T3 in the treatment of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome, speaking at many medical conventions and medical schools, both nationally and internationally.  Wilson’s Syndrome is now being recognized and treated successfully by doctors around the world.  Dr. Wilson oversees the certification of physicians in the treatment of WTS, as well as a Physician Referral Program of doctors that treat it.

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