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Dr. Meghan Walker ND(inac), HBSc.
Entrepologist, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author

Meghan Walker is a former naturopathic doctor, health expert, entrepreneur and health systems innovator. Meghan is a sought-after speaker, having spoken on media outlets and stages around the world on subjects related to health innovation, entrepreneurship, women’s health and leadership.

Dr. Meghan Walker is a naturopathic doctor and Entrepologist (On-tre-pol-uh-gist), focusing on the health optimization of entrepreneurs and game changers. As an entrepreneur, Meghan started and sold her first business while in University and is now the Co-Founder and CEO of Health Hives and the Chief Cheerleader of Clinician Business Labs – a platform to assist clinicians scale and amplify their businesses and impact.

Meghan is the host of the IMPACT Podcast featuring guests such as Dr. Alan Christianson, Joy McCarthy and Dr. Vincent Pedre. Meghan is an award winning speaker, having spoken on international stages such as Mindshare Collaborative and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and through multiple media outlets such as Forbes, Canada AM, Elle Magazine and Global Morning.

Meghan speaks on topics related to women’s performance medicine, brain health and entrepreneurship, healthcare innovation and leadership. Meghan is the host and producer of the annual entrepreneurship conference Impact LIVEs and most importantly, the bedtime story reader to her three young girls.

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JJ Virgin

4 x New York Times Bestselling Author and Founder – Mindshare Collaborative

“Meghan is a strong and strategic leader in the health and wellness sector. I trust her to coach within my communities and to speak on our stage. I am constantly in awe of her brilliance and innovation!”


Meghan is a captivating guest and speaker, having spoken on large stages, through media outlets, on podcasts and on countless summits. 

Signature Talks and Messages

Why Purpose Is The Single Most Critical Thing You Can Find To Improve Your Health

Finding your purpose is not some new-age fad or mid-life crisis, it is actually the single most important thing you can do to manage stress, avoid disease and promote longevity. Purpose is a unique qualification in patients recovering faster from cancer, neurological disease and auto-immune conditions. As an overlooked factor in health promotion and optimization, there is a unique opportunity to address purpose as individuals seeking health and as health professionals looking to approach wellness from a new and novel angle. This talk addresses this concept and provides supportive evidence as well as tangible take-aways for audiences. 

New Models of Health Innovation: Why now is the most important time to address your model of care

The post-COVID era of health saw a unique opportunity to capitalize on the new belief system of health consumers; that 1:1, in-person care was no longer required to achieve health outcomes. This new approach to care, a by-product of lockdowns and new safety measures, presents an unprecedented opportunity to address health and wellness outside the box of how it has always been delivered. This talk addresses this concept and provides practical and tangible take-aways for practitioner audiences. 

The Quadrants of Readiness: Discover the 4 stages of consumer health and to support them along their journey

The traditional 1:1 care model is a challenging way to not only acquire new patients, but additionally promote effective health outcomes. Having reviewed the business and patient acquisition models of hundreds of practices, I have identified 4 critical stages to consumer interest related to health. Surprisingly, only one of these stages requires 1:1 visits. An acknowledgement of these stages of care not only assists practitioners in growing their practice, but most importantly, enables them to create health promotion offers that best meet patient needs. This talk addresses this concept and provides practical and tangible take-aways for practitioner audiences.

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