So I want you to picture this scenario: your marriage is falling apart, you are deeply conflicted about whether or not your career is in alignment with your goals, you’re on the opposite end of the country from your family and your core support systems, and the very first thought that comes to mind as all of these different things intersect and culminate is that “I need to float.”

This is the experience of Lindsay MacPhee. She is the founder of the Floatation Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We explore Lindsay’s journey from environmental engineer to entrepreneur. She is someone deeply committed to the mindfulness experience for those people in her community and those people around her.

We’re going to talk about floatation — and if you’ve never heard of it, you’ve got to stick around because it is an incredible hack to be able to access the brainwaves and mindset that some people who experience meditation for years and years work so hard to find.

From Lindsay’s journey to the experience of floating itself — I’m sure you’re going to resonate with this entire experience that we’re about to share, so stay tuned.

Key Takeaways:

[1:42] About my guest today, Lindsay MacPhee.

[3:00] Welcoming Lindsay to the podcast!

[3:33] Lindsay takes us through the journey of how she got to where she is right now.

[6:26] How Lindsay found the confidence to take action and not stand for her dissatisfaction with her lifestyle.

[8:16] Where did Lindsay originally learn about meditation?

[9:22] How did incorporating meditation into her daily practice change her lifestyle?

[11:25] Lindsay takes us through what floatation therapy is, the history behind it, and what you experience during it.

[13:50] How Floatation Center eases people’s fear of claustrophobia and feelings of nervousness with darkness.

[14:30] Are there any add-on elements or hacks to the floating?

[15:42] Does Lindsay and the Floatation Center team have any measurable outcomes that they look at that they’ve noticed with people who frequently engage with floating?

[17:32] How are people (that use her center regularly) leveraging it? What is the frequency of visits for the average visitor?

[18:39] Has Lindsay seen any shifts in people from an immune health perspective?

[19:39] How floatation therapy can be used to proactively benefit you.

[22:02] How else does Lindsay support her health outside of floating?

[24:24] Where Lindsay’s past guilt came from (that was tethered to her 9-to-5 job) — and what broke her out of it.

[29:43] What’s next for Lindsay on her entrepreneurial journey.

[30:43] Lindsay’s recommendations for finding a good float center near you.

[32:13] How Lindsay defines health.

[33:15] Lindsay’s KPIs!

[36:17] Where to find more Lindsay online.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Floatation Center

Laureate Institute for Brain Research’s Float Study Publication

Floatation Locations

Polishing the Mirror: How to Live From Your Spiritual Heart, by Ram Dass

More About Lindsay MacPhee

Dissatisfied with her 9-to-5 job, Lindsay decided to cut ties with environmental engineering and founded Atlantic Canada’s first floatation therapy and wellness center. She believes that meditation can change the world — and decided to start with her community in Halifax, Nova Scotia first. She’s living the dream of making everyone around her happy and providing a space to help people elevate their quality of life.

Connect with my Guest:

Website: Floatation Center

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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“Once I developed a meditation practice I felt far more in touch with myself.”
— Lindsay MacPhee


“When I tell people all you need is 16 seconds and you’re a meditator I think that helps people get over the nervousness of what people seem to think meditation is.”

— Lindsay MacPhee


“[During floating therapy] our brain goes into a deeper state of meditation — we sink into the theta brainwave state — and this is where the magic happens.”
— Lindsay MacPhee


“[From floatation therapy] I’m becoming a better and better person. … My best now is better than it’s ever been before.” — Lindsay MacPhee


“It took me a long time to see what I needed to do — and now, it feels good that I’m  actually, consciously doing it.” — Lindsay MacPhee