Today we are talking about one of my most favourite things to discuss — how to be an audacious woman! One of the key qualities that I’ve noticed that distinguish entrepreneurs who are absolutely killing it from those who say they’ve “already tried everything” is the willingness to step outside the norm, a willingness to be uncomfortable, and the ability to take bold risks. 


My guest today, Chana Ross, is someone whom I deeply respect for her audaciousness, risk-taking personality, and level-headedness. She is definitely no stranger to making bold decisions, stepping into discomfort, and saying, “Hell yes!” when an opportunity comes her way. She is a pelvic health physiotherapist, clinic owner, business coach, podcast host, mother of four, and a pioneer of the virtual practice space. 


In this episode, we unpack every aspect of what it takes to be an audacious woman. Chana shares her personal story and career journey, how to know when it is the right time to make an uncomfortable choice, how to live life on your own terms, how to become more decisive and trust yourself, and the key pieces you need to put in place to become more confident, bold, and audacious! 


Key Takeaways: 

[1:12] About today’s episode with Chana Ross. 

[2:34] Welcome Chana Ross to the podcast! 

[3:30] Chana shares her story and career journey. 

[8:00] Chana shares her advice on how to know when it’s the right time to make an uncomfortable choice vs. the wrong time. 

[11:25] Would Chana say that she is a good decision maker? 

[11:57] What informs Chana’s ability to make quick decisions? 

[13:00] Where did Chana learn the ability to self-authorize to become more decisive? 

[14:58] What is audacious behavior? What does it mean to be audacious? 

[16:51] If men choose to live life on their own terms, are they being audacious? 

[17:17] Why audaciousness is such an invaluable quality. 

[19:51] Chana shares about her audacious role models. 

[21:58] You can’t do everything — and that’s okay! 

[25:05] Some of the audacious decisions that Chana has made in her own life. 

[28:06] When and how did Chana realize she could trust herself? 

[29:31] Chana’s advice to those looking to become more audacious. 

[31:00] Chana’s key performance indicators! 

[34:13] Where to learn more about Chana Ross and the incredible work that she is doing in this world! 

[34:42] What I love about Chana and the conversation that we had today. 


Mentioned in This Episode: 

Chana Ross’s Website 

Chana Ross’s Instagram 

Vital Physiotherapy & Wellness 

Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone, by Brené Brown 


More About Chana Ross 

Chana Ross is the Clinic Director at Vital Physiotherapy and Wellness. She is incredibly passionate about pelvic and women’s health and focused on empowering her clients to achieve their health, fitness, and mental health goals. 


Chana’s interest in women’s health developed during her pregnancies with her four beautiful children. She has since completed extensive training in the treatment of pelvic pain, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, anorectal disorders, chronic pain, and prenatal and postpartum conditions. She is one of a select number of physiotherapists in Canada with specialized training in labor and delivery and treatment of diastasis recti (“mummy tummy”). 


Chana also teaches practitioners like you how to provide exceptional virtual care! 


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Confidence is not a quality that you are simply given; it is always something that is earned. It is a byproduct of two steps: 1) Making the decision to be courageous; 2) As a result of that courageousness, you develop competence. Competence is what gives us that confidence. 


Let us know over on my Instagram @DrMeghanWalker what you are doing to take courageous action and earn your confidence! Or, let us know about some of the courageous choices you have made in your life! 




“The reality of making uncomfortable choices, or making choices that are hard, is that you actually don’t know if it’s the right time or not … the results tell you.” —  Chana Ross 


“I have a rule. It’s either a ‘Hell yes!’ or it’s a ‘No.’” —  Chana Ross 


“I really think what’s special about [those who are doing amazing things in their lives] is that they are making choices that other people aren’t willing to make.” —  Chana Ross 


“Choosing on their own terms is really what makes someone audacious.” —  Chana Ross 


“You need to surround yourself with other people who are willing to make [bold] choices alongside you … in order to be successful.” —  Chana Ross 


“You’re truly capable of anything but [you] can’t do everything at the same time.” —  Chana Ross