We might all have an incredible product or service, but how do we effectively deliver it? What can we do to make our customer experience a delightful and exceptional one for those who move through our ecosystem? 


Joining us to share her unparalleled insights is thought leader, Crystal D’Cunha! Crystal is an award-winning entrepreneur, accomplished senior executive, consultant, sales professional, and customer experience thought leader with more than 22 years of success in the retail, construction, non-profit, hospitality, and e-commerce industries. As the President and CEO of The INSIDE View, Crystal helps organizational executives, leaders, managers, directors, and business owners get “Crystal Clear” about the customer experience they want to deliver. Her mission in life is to ensure that every businesses’ clients are getting an absolutely unforgettable customer experience. 


Crystal shares with us her top tips for delighting customers, crafting exceptional experiences that we can deliver to our customers, the importance of diversity and inclusion when it comes to designing your customer experience, how to get started on journey mapping, and key advice on creating a three-dimensional user experience online. 


This is an episode that is relevant to every business and business model out there — so be sure to tune in! 


Key Takeaways: 

[1:12] About today’s episode with Crystal D’Cunha. 

[2:52] Welcoming Crystal to the podcast! 

[3:41] Crystal shares a brief overview of her background and why this is an area that she is particularly passionate about. 

[7:40] How can we effectively evaluate our customer service experience to know how well we’re truly serving our customers? 

[11:06] Some of the innovative things that entrepreneurs with online platforms are doing to create a three-dimensionality to their user or customer experience. 

[14:18] What we need to be aware of with diversity inclusion and awareness as a small business. 

[17:50] The importance of diversity in your business and an experience that illustrates the importance of representation and inclusion. 

[20:29] Crystal shares something she has done to be able to create a more diverse, inclusive environment in her business. 

[22:45] The profound impact that bringing diversity into your business will have. 

[24:44] How to bring diversity into your customer experience design. 

[27:41] How to get started with journey mapping and why it is important. 

[33:12] Grants that are available to female business owners in Canada and the U.S. to help address elements of diversity and inclusion. 

[34:55] Crystal’s key performance indicators! 

[39:49] Thanking Crystal for joining the podcast! 

[39:58] Crystal shares about the exclusive freebies she is sharing with The Entrepology Podcast audience! 

[40:50] What I loved about today’s conversation. 

[41:46] All about Impact LIVEs! 


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More About Crystal D’Cunha 

Award-winning executive and globally acclaimed speaker, Crystal D’Cunha, brings a distinct, charismatic, and revolutionary approach to what it takes to drive transformative results in an organization. 


Over the past two decades, Crystal has received prestigious accreditations through leading-edge organizations, including John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, The Ritz-Carlton, Jack Canfield, and the world-renowned Disney Institute. 


As The INSIDE View’s Chief Experience Officer, Crystal’s accomplishments have impacted a spectrum of industries, including retail, construction, non-profit, hospitality, and e-commerce. 


Crystal is a trustworthy and highly sought-after guide to companies across the globe on leadership development, talent management, diversity and inclusion, and of course, customer experience. 


Connect with my Guest: 

Website: The INSIDE View Inc. 

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Embracing diversity and inclusion in your small business is so vitally important. What are some of the cool things you are doing with respect to a customer service experience? Let us know over on my Instagram @DrMeghanWalker or our free Facebook group, The Entrepology Collective! 




“First and foremost, I think it’s [really important to identify] the difference between what is customer service and what is customer experience. … Business leaders don’t often understand the difference between the two.” — Crystal D’Cunha 


“Think about how [you’re] able to include everybody in those conversations. … Really [make] sure that … [you’re] asking questions that appeal to everybody. Often, we’re too targeted on a particular demographic and we really have to open that up.” — Crystal D’Cunha 


“Seventy percent of diverse organizations are … better able to capture new markets. And so, when you’re more diverse, you can grow your business easily [and] you’re better decision-makers as a diverse group.” — Crystal D’Cunha 


“It’s so exciting when businesses embrace other cultures. You just want to do business [with them] by default … whether you need the product or service or not … because you recognize that they’re making an effort.” — Crystal D’Cunha 


“Diversity is being invited [to the dance] but inclusion is actually being asked to dance.” — Crystal D’Cunha 


“Sometimes we don’t have the service set up. What happens if something goes wrong? I always say, ‘WTW; What happens when things go wrong?’ … That’s what we need to plan for in terms of service delivery. Because things do go wrong.” — Crystal D’Cunha