Today, we’re going to be exploring a tool and a mechanism for healing that, for a very long time, was suppressed because of societal messaging. And that tool is psychedelic-assisted healing 


This is an arena that has the opportunity to be flooded with funding and research. For a long time, we as humans have been connected to various forms of plant medicine and various Indigenous groups have made the use of psychedelics an important part of ceremonial healing. 


So today, we’re going to break down some of the science, some of the legal avenues that people have to be able to explore, leverage, and utilize psychedelics to accentuate and expedite their healing. 


Leading us through this conversation today is my friend and colleague, Angela Ward! As a Registered Nurse, Transformational Coach, and “Soul Midwife,” Angela helps move people through a healing journey by leveraging psychedelics. She helps facilitate the coming together of the medical side, the spiritual side, and the psychotropic side of psychedelics as a tool for healing. 


Though this might be a method of healing you are not interested in trying out for yourself, I invite you to listen to this episode, regardless! I want you to go into this episode with an open mind and think outside the box of how things have always been done. 


Key Takeaways: 

[1:22] About today’s conversation with Angela Ward. 

[5:13] Welcoming Angela to the podcast! 

[5:40] Angela shares her career journey and how she became interested in working with psychedelics as a tool for healing. 

[8:53] How do psychedelics help with healing? 

[12:41] How and when did the healing potential of psychedelics begin to emerge and get picked up in the medical field? 

[17:01] What Angela is most excited about right now when it comes to legalizing psychedelics as a tool for healing. 

[18:23] Angela shares what it is like to work with her in using psychedelics to heal in a medical setting. 

[22:37] How Angela’s patients continue to work with her and implement change after their psychedelic healing experience. 

[23:33] The history of Ketamine and how it became discovered as a tool for healing. 

[26:32] An overview of the psychedelics that are used in healing. 

[30:32] How does somebody know if they would be a good candidate for psychedelic healing? 

[35:51] How does a practitioner know if they should bring this into their practice? 

[37:30] Angela speaks about the opportunities she has available to practitioners that want to learn more about this method of practice. 

[39:45] Angela’s key performance indicators! 

[43:27] Where to learn more about Angela’s work and how to apply to her Psychedelic Doula program. 

[44:35] About The Clinician Code and Impact LIVEs. 


Mentioned in This Episode: 

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The Ethics of Caring: Finding Right Relationship With Clients for Profound Transformative Work in Our Professional Healing Relationships, by Kylea Taylor 

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More About Angela Ward 

As a Registered Nurse, Transformational Coach, and “Soul Midwife,” Angela Ward of Guardian at the Gateway brings a unique blend of nursing care and psychedelic-assisted therapy, developed over her years at the bedside, and honed by over 400 hours providing ketamine-assisted therapy and coaching to her clients. 


Originally a Labor and Delivery nurse, Angela has dedicated her career to bringing safe and legal psychedelic medicine in order to help people heal in a deep way. 


She has many hours logged supporting people through expanded states of consciousness, as well as extensive training with psychedelic-assisted therapy, including Synthesis Institute Psychedelic Practitioners Training (2021 to the present), The California Institute of Integral Studies Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy and Research (2017), The Ketamine Training Center (2018), and The Orenda Institute’s Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (2018). 


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“When [people] work with a psychedelic, held in a safe container … [they’re] able to make new connections or have new understandings of … the root causes of their distress, or, they’re able to see things from a different angle.” — Angela Ward 


“There’s something about psychedelics that absolutely does not numb us. … They actually seem to bring us more aware of what’s actually happening in the here-and-now. … A lot of times, in our sober-minded state, we can suppress how our bodies are feeling.” — Angela Ward 


“It’s important to remember that psychedelic states and expanded states of consciousness … are part of our ancestral heritage. It’s a native practice in many parts of the world. Psychedelic states have been part of us since we’ve been human.” — Angela Ward 


“My ideal client is someone that has a practice of some kind of self-inquiry … to look … at their shadow [and] be willing to try things and be curious.” — Angela Ward 


“People who are birth workers, death workers; people who can hold space, are excellent candidates for this type of work.” — Angela Ward 


“My purpose is as a soul-midwife. … My business name is Guardian of the Gateway and I feel really honored to have worked professionally in birth, in death, and in psychedelic therapy with people as they’re going through this gate of transformation.” — Angela Ward