I’m so excited to have this guest on my show today. He is an amazing performer that takes an in-person event to the next level with his presence and music know-how. I also had the great privilege of interviewing him in person, and that’s my friend Sammy Taggett! 


Sammy Tagett, also known as Shoebox Moses, is passionate about creating an unforgettable vibe for high-end corporate events and festivals. As a DJ, it’s his job to get a feel for the room and make sure everyone in that room is feeling the right kind of emotion, vibration, and energy that organizers need to convey. 


In this episode, we learn about Sammy’s almost intuitive creative process and how he is able to know what type of music he should play for these big events. He talks about imposter syndrome and how it got worse as he got more popular, and he even takes some time to spill some juicy behind-the-scenes secrets of what really goes on at these big conferences! 


Sammy is just jam-packed with musical information and dives into the psychology of what he does. You don’t want to miss out on this episode! 


Key Takeaways: 

[2:10] Welcoming Sammy Taggett to the podcast. 

[4:15] Sammy learned rejection really early on in his career and he’s become a better entrepreneur for it. 

[6:20] You don’t have to do your entrepreneurial journey alone. 

[8:40] Sammy shares how he learned how to become a DJ. 

[10:45] Imposter syndrome really affected Sammy when he began playing on big stages. 

[14:00] Sammy shares an embarrassing moment that happened in his career. 

[16:00] Sammy talks about the vision for himself and the three big pillars that are important to him. 

[17:35] When you hang around people who achieve big things, everything else seems dull in comparison. It’s contagious and makes you strive for more. 

[21:20] How does Sammy create high-vibration experiences for events? 

[22:25] People will always remember how you made people feel. 

[24:55] Sammy shares some juicy secrets he’s discovered while being behind the scenes of some of these big conference events. 

[29:15] Rapid fire questions! Sammy loves ice baths! 

[29:30] How would Sammy define his purpose?