When we hit roadblocks with the entrepreneurs that we work with, generally it comes down to moving into a state of unknown. And for so many of us, that “unknown” is the technology side of our business. We know our subject matter well, but when it comes down to the deliverability of our information and our products through technology, we tend to hit a roadblock. 


Luckily, my guest today is someone who has been answering these exact questions within my business for the last four years! Elan Zusman is the founder of ZigiMedia, a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in online marketing automation and ROI-focused digital marketing services. He handles the backend (the technology side) of all of our businesses. 


In this conversation, I am super excited for Elan to be breaking down everything you need to know to confidently engage with the technology of your business! He goes over what you need to know before you hire someone, his top 10 favorite apps for running an online business, insights on the current state of the industry, and what we should all be looking out for in the coming months and years. 


This is a jam-packed episode and I just know that you will love Elan just as much as I do! 


Key Takeaways: 

[1:10] About today’s episode with Elan Zusman! 

[2:44] Welcoming Elan Zusman to the podcast. 

[3:32] How Elan and I first became acquainted. 

[5:43] Elan’s background, how he got to where he is today within the online tech space, and how and why he has mainly come to work with health practitioners. 

[7:31] Elan’s take on where we currently are in the online information space for the health and wellness industry in particular. 

[9:18] What Elan wishes people knew before they picked up the phone to call him; Where people should start in terms of triaging the technology/online needs for their business. 

[12:39] The importance of asking: “Here is the outcome that I want to have with my business. What role can technology or your expertise play in adding to the efficiency of me getting there? Or, how can it accentuate my income as a result?” before you work with someone on the technology side of your business. 

[14:23] The current online economy, the opportunities that are available in the space, and the key trends that are emerging with online businesses. 

[16:50] Paid traffic on social media platforms 101. 

[19:15] Which online arena Elan recommends you invest in first for your business. 

[20:22] Does a great landing page trump a good website? 

[20:58] The benefits and drawbacks to creating a website yourself using an online template. 

[24:08] How to automate funneling your leads. 

[26:54] Our top 10 favorite apps for running a successful, efficient online business. 

[42:42] Elan gives an overview of what a client can expect when working with ZigiMedia. 

[44:50] Elan’s key performance indicators! 

[48:13] Where to follow-up with Elan online and learn more about ZigiMedia. 

[49:43] About this year’s Impact LIVEs Event. 


Mentioned in This Episode: 








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Google Workspace 












TechSmith Capture 


How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie 

Monthly Tech Talks with Elan Zusman and Heather Allen | Clinician Business Labs 

Impact LIVEs Event 2021 

Health Hives 


More About Elan Zusman 

As the Founder of ZigiMedia, Elan helps businesses of all sizes strategize, build, market, and grow their online presence using the latest in online marketing technologies. With over 15 years of experience in online marketing and business development, Elan strives to provide his clients with smart effective online marketing solutions. 


Elan brings a combination of online tech knowledge and business-building strategies to help you grow your online practice. 


Connect with my Guest: 

Website: Social Media: Facebook @ZigiMedia & Instagram @ZigiMedia 


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The aim of this conversation with Elan today was to demystify the technology side of your business. Understanding how some of these key elements come into play and fit together is fundamental to being able to confidently engage with the right person when you’re ready to elevate your business through the online space. 


This week, we’re asking you: What are you doing to take your business online? What did you learn in this episode that you will be implementing in the future? Let us know over on my Instagram @DrMeghanWalker, or, our free Facebook group, The Entrepology Collective! 




“Tech is usually the biggest roadblock for a lot of people to get into the [online] space. … If they embrace it … it can make their lives a lot easier.” — Elan Zusman 


“‘I want to start running Facebook ads.’ Okay, great. We all want to run Facebook ads … to increase our … reach — but where are you taking people? What does that funnel look like? Where [are] your programs and offers [so] that it doesn’t just hit a dead end?” — Elan Zusman 


“Coming in with just a game plan … is really the most important factor (and not worrying so much about the little nuanced details).” — Elan Zusman 


“Technology is just a piece of the puzzle. It’s not like a magic genie in a bottle. What it is, is something that can make your life considerably easier and help you generate a lot of money online.” — Elan Zusman 


“You’ve got to play the game. Things move very fast online.” — Elan Zusman 


“If you don’t have a good landing page, a good offer, [or] a good sales page, you’re just wasting money. It’s imperative that you have somewhere to send [people]. … A lot of [entrepreneurs and businesses] don’t have the assets in place to even start running ads.” — Elan Zusman 


“It’s not always going to be a home run, but knowing when something’s not working and quickly pivoting … is paramount to anyone’s success.” — Elan Zusman