There are certain things that I’ve made the decision about a long time ago that I would never talk about online. One of these topics that I said I would never discuss publicly was vaccines. Can you think of a more controversial topic? I’ve done podcasts on sex, politics, and money — all of which can be fairly taboo  — but vaccines take the cake. 

But today, we’re going to go there. 


We’re going to not just discuss the current landscape of vaccines, but the idea of informed consent. How do we, as individuals, take radical responsibility for our own health? How do we make an informed decision when we’re only hearing one side of the message? This whole conversation is about informing a new way for you to think; it is not about informing what I want you to do. 


I hope you’ll join me in pulling back the curtain on this entire discussion around vaccines. 


Key Takeaways: 

[:42] About today’s controversial topic. 

[2:24] Why the discussion of vaccinations is not black and white, but in fact, grey. 

[2:54] Why it is important for us to be able to have nuanced conversations around vaccines. 

[4:00] Why I named this episode, “Why I got the jab and also why that’s not your business.” 

[5:40] The current landscape of COVID-19 vaccinations and why I made the decision to get the jab. 

[7:54] How we are alienating others in making a different type of informed consent. 

[9:13] This conversation is really about: what types of questions could or should you be asking as someone willing and able to take responsibility for their own health? 

[10:25] What I’ve learned as a clinician about the hesitation around getting the vaccine. 

[13:11] The 30-thousand-foot view of vaccines. 

[14:05] Why we ultimately need to make the best choice for ourselves on an individual level. 

[15:40] What the normal vaccine development process looks like vs. the COVID-19 vaccine development process. 

[16:36] Why deciding whether or not you’re going to get the vaccine is, in fact, a very nuanced perspective when you get to the ground level. 

[17:31] This is a situation that requires that we have the opportunity to move forward in our decision-making from a place of informed consent. 

[18:32] How to provide informed consent to patients. 

[20:09] The information that we are entitled to receive in order to make an informed, consensual decision around our health. 

[25:48] The most important pieces we need to clear about when it comes to vaccines. 

[26:38] We need to be aware of peer pressure so that we can make autonomous decisions with respect to our health. 

[27:22] Why it is imperative that we approach this situation as critical thinkers during this time. 

[29:40] Most importantly: we need to stop judging others’ decisions. 

[30:18] Why I felt it was important to open the door on this conversation. 


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“The truth is: my unique experience isn’t yours. The truth is: what I chose to do with my body, with respect to my health, [is] actually none of your business.” — Meghan Walker 


“This shouldn’t be an issue that polarizes people. We should all be celebrating our unique desire and interest to drive health.” — Meghan Walker 


“The thirty-thousand-foot view rarely tells the stories of the individuals on the ground.” — Meghan Walker 


“We need to universally understand that we can’t apply a thirty-thousand-foot lens to the history and the decision-making of the individual, on the ground.” — Meghan Walker 


This is a situation that requires that we have the opportunity to move forward in our decision-making from a place of informed consent.” — Meghan Walker 


“We need to be able to make autonomous decisions with respect to our health. And we also need to feel safe within our peer groups, that we aren’t going to be judged for making informed decisions with respect to our own health.” — Meghan Walker 


“We need to take care of our health with the same dedication to detail that we are willing to take care of money.”— Meghan Walker 


“We need to stop judging. We need to stop asking, ‘What vaccine did you get?’ And we need to start asking, ‘What measures are you and your family taking to protect your health?’” — Meghan Walker