I am so excited to introduce all of you to Laura Noel this week! Laura is the founder and CEO of Stretch into Success where she works with high-performing leaders and entrepreneurs as a mindset consultant to help them move outside their comfort zone. 


Laura has a really compelling background with a career starting in the military. One day, she had an epiphany moment where she got clear on what her purpose truly was in this world and ended up making a complete 180-degree transition into coaching and consulting. 


In this episode, Laura and I go deep into the mindset tactics that are required to take your vision and your life to the next level. Think of this episode as working with a mindset trainer who is really going to help to pull you outside of your comfort zone and give you specific tactics on how to make that happen! Laura shares key insights around how we can live our lives full of purpose, how to combat imposter syndrome and self-doubts, which mindset pieces we need to put in place in order to become more effective leaders, how to discover our purpose, and how we can all live to our highest potential. 


This conversation was truly insightful and I can’t wait for you to get the opportunity to know Laura and hear all of her incredible nuggets of wisdom! 


Key Takeaways: 

[1:11] About today’s episode with Laura Noel! 

[2:18] Welcoming Laura Noel to the podcast. 

[2:51] Laura shares about her career background and why she is uniquely positioned to help companies and individuals push their comfort zones. 

[6:10] Has Laura always been so decisive? When she discovered her purpose, how and why did she fully commit? 

[7:50] How do we know if we’ve found our purpose? 

[9:05] Has Laura ever fallen prey to “big shiny object” syndrome? How does she combat this? 

[11:38] How Laura coaches entrepreneurs in her business, Stretch into Success. 

[13:09] Why and when imposter syndrome pops up for us. 

[14:29] How we can strengthen our mindset to mitigate or combat imposter syndrome. 

[15:53] If someone is working from a scarcity mindset, does Laura take the same approach in helping them combat imposter syndrome? 

[17:11] How imposter syndrome manifests and is addressed in a military context. 

[20:30] The importance of honoring “blank space” as an entrepreneur. 

[20:51] How the discipline training Laura received in the military now plays a role in her work as an entrepreneur. 

[21:33] The approach that Laura takes in coaching entrepreneurs to push their comfort zones and achieve success. 

[24:20] How to teach and practice decisiveness. 

[26:41] Important mindset pieces you need to pay attention to in order to combat imposter syndrome and take yourself to the next level. 

[28:46] Laura’s key performance indicators! 

[30:54] Where to learn more about what Laura is up to in this world. 

[31:46] Thanking Laura for joining the podcast! 


Mentioned in This Episode: 

Stretch into Success 

Bob Proctor (Proctor Gallagher Institute) 

The Power of Awareness, by Neville Goddard — Free resources just for Entrepology listeners! 


More About Laura Noel 

Laura Noel is an Executive Business and Personal Development Consultant who 

works with organizations and individuals to help streamline business processes 

while maximizing profits. She helps clients stretch their thinking in a way that 

opens them up to new possibilities. 


Prior to becoming an entrepreneur and CEO of her own company, Laura studied and taught personal growth, change management, and leadership for over 27 years while serving in the United States Air Force. She has helped solidify goals and improve corporate culture within government agencies, the Department of Defense, and construction, technical, insurance, and sales organizations. 


Laura is proud to serve as a transformational coach helping clients bridge the gap 

between feeling stuck and finding fulfillment in life and career. She knows how 

to get results as she guides clients in overcoming the mindset blocks that keep 

them from realizing their true potential, purpose, life-long dreams, and legacy. Laura helps her clients gain a new level of self-confidence and become the leader 

others will want to follow. Implementing a mix of science and psychology, she 

helps individuals and teams advance their current projects and careers and 

prepares them to successfully transition on to greater opportunities. 


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More than anything else, imposter syndrome is what I hear about when working with clients who are trying to improve their mindset and push their comfort zone. 


What role has imposter syndrome played in your life? Head over to my Instagram @DrMeghanWalker, we are running a poll where we are looking at the influence of imposter syndrome as a marker for moving outside of our comfort zone in a positive way. 




“[Allow] yourself to be curious. If you don’t know [your purpose], start somewhere [and] try different things.” — Laura Noel 


“We always hear the saying, ‘Success is 95% mindset, 5% doing.’ … If you don’t have your mind right and you aren’t that person yet in your mind who has the goal, you’re [only] going to touch on [success] briefly and revert to your old habitual way of being.” — Laura Noel 


“[Imposter syndrome happens] when things start to happen quickly for [us] … we’ll put the breaks on and the gas at the same time.” — Laura Noel 


“Things [happen] quickly for us because we’re in alignment and we’re focused … but [imposter syndrome can happen when] our mindset and our self-image just haven’t caught up with us yet.” — Laura Noel 


“Trust people who are doing what you want to be doing. Be an intelligent follower. Trust that intuition. And the reason why we do that.” — Laura Noel 


“My purpose is helping people get aligned with their purpose and the power that’s already inside of them; helping them get clear and focused on their dreams, and living it with ease and flow.” — Laura Noel