Today’s episode is an exciting one! It is a direct response to a question I have been receiving a ton — and that is: “I want to start a podcast. How do I get started?” 


So today, I’m bringing on an expert, David Pérez! David is a podcast coach and even has his own podcast, Audience Coach, where he discusses the ins and outs of launching, producing, and growing a podcast. In this episode, we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to start a podcast, how to define your audience, how to create a podcast that actually has longevity, and how to leverage your podcast to grow your business. 


If you’re looking to gain clarity around what you want the podcast to do for you and your business, you won’t want to miss out on this conversation! David provides a ton of actionable advice for getting started, shares insights around statistics and benchmarks, a look into the current podcasting landscape, and technical advice for improving your setup whether you want to be a podcast guest or the host of your own podcast! 


Key Takeaways: 

[1:11] About today’s episode! 

[2:18] Welcoming David Pérez to the podcast! 

[3:03] David shares his professional background and why he is uniquely positioned to help entrepreneurs get started in creating their own podcasts. 

[4:53] The current podcasting landscape, how the industry has been evolving, and how you can leverage podcasting for your business. 

[8:33] What your technical initial checklist should look like when you’re first getting your foot into the podcasting door. 

[14:04] Why a microphone is an extremely vital business investment (whether you’re the guest or the host of a podcast). 

[16:10] The most effective method for increasing the listenership of your podcast. 

[22:30] The key principles of crafting a great show. 

[25:40] David highlights some of the common benchmarks and stats for the current podcasting landscape. 

[33:18] David shares his key pieces of advice to those getting started in creating a podcast from a podcast producer’s lens. 

[37:50] David’s key performance indicators! 

[41:59] Thanking David Pérez for joining the podcast and where to find him online! 

[42:57] About our new website redesign! 


Mentioned in This Episode: 

Audience Coach 



Audio-Technica ATR2100 (USB Dynamic Microphone) 


Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, by Dr. Joe Dispenza 


More About David Pérez 

David Pérez is a Podcast Producer and the host of the Audience Coach podcast, a show that helps coaches and entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry create audiences for their businesses. David also works with health and wellness coaches so they can spread messages of improvement, positivity, and growth through podcasting. David and his team have accompanied podcasters through the production and release of over a thousand episodes. 


David currently lives in Colombia, in a city where summer lasts all year round. He’s the dad of two kids and considers himself a lifelong learner. 


Connect with my Guest: 


Social Media: Instagram @Audience.Coach 


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David Perez gave us so many actionable pieces of advice in this episode! What were your key takeaways from our conversation? Did anything surprise you? Are you planning on starting up a podcast? Join the conversation over on The Entrepology Collective and my Instagram @DrMeghanWalker! 




“Even though [the podcasting landscape] seems like it is saturated, it’s just starting to blossom.” — David Pérez 


“Think of the long-term gain because a podcast is not like a Facebook ad. … You’re [not] going to be getting conversions after a week or two weeks or a month. This is going to take you at least a year to start seeing results.” — David Pérez 


“Creating content is not an ‘end,’ it is a means to an end. … You should constantly be adding value to your audience.” — David Pérez 


“Your audience is always changing. The type of clients you had a year ago are not the same people that you have now. They don’t have the same problems [or] the same needs. So, … you’re going to be constantly updating what you know and what you’re offering.” — David Pérez 


“Creating a podcast is a way to self-reflect. It’s a way to reflect on your own practice because you have to be constantly analyzing what you’re doing, what you’re thinking, the approaches you have, and the changes in the market.” — David Pérez 


“It takes time, 1) to build an audience, and 2) to develop the skills you need to run a podcast show.” — David Pérez 


“Start earlier.” — David Pérez 


“Let yourself be yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes. There’s no other way to improve.” — David Pérez