While I don’t like rules, I do believe that rules have a place in both our society and in our lives. 


When it comes to living my own and being able to execute in alignment with my own values, I leverage rules from a unique stance. A few years ago, I read an incredibly impactful book, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed On Your Own Terms, by Vishen Lakhiani. It changed my way of thinking around rules and “brules” (AKA bullsh*t rules; the rules society has created for us). Vishen contends, and I have observed, that if we are not clear on defining our own set of rules in life, we fall victim to these “brules” that are created by society. 


Since this read, I’ve begun setting my own rules. What this has done for me in my own life is that it has created a set of boundaries and provided a framework that I’m committed to living by. In designing my own rules, I’ve learned how to play my own version of “the game” and live in complete alignment with my values, goals, and where I want to go. This is how I stay focused and know what actions to take in the heat of the moment. 


Join me in this episode to learn more about setting your own rules, breaking the ones that don’t serve you, optimizing your focus and performance, and the five rules I am currently living by right now. 


Key Takeaways: 

[:43] About today’s solo episode! 

[2:52] Why we need to be clear on setting our own rules in life. 

[4:14] How I reevaluate my rules to ensure they align with my values and goals. 

[5:45] The rules I set when I first set up my practice to create space and healthy boundaries in my life (and how they worked and didn’t work). 

[8:30] How do we know when a new opportunity that comes our way is really in alignment with where we want to go? 

[9:06] How rules become a framework — and why this is key to living your life in alignment with your values. 

[10:34] Changing and creating your rules with the intentions that you set. 

[11:06] The rules I am currently living by right now in Q2 of this year. 

[11:30] My first rule: your health comes first. 

[16:12] My second rule: I’m going to stop selling “me.” 

[18:22] My third rule: no work on weekends. 

[19:16] My fourth rule: clear your debt by July 1st. 

[20:45] My fifth rule: make $10-million decisions and make decisions that relate to your impact goal of reaching 50 million people. 

[23:57] Why it is so important to create your own rules so you don’t fall victim to society’s rules. 

[25:14] Do you live by rules? What are the rules you live by? What are some of the rules you have chosen to make a priority for yourself over the course of this year? Let us know over on The Entrepology Collective Facebook page. 

[26:34] What we will be discussing in future episodes of The Entrepology Podcast! 


Mentioned in This Episode: 

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed On Your Own Terms, by Vishen Lakhiani 

The Entrepology Podcast Ep. 122: “Body: How Toxic Light is Depleting Your Energy… and What to Do About It with the Co-Founder of Joovv” 



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If this idea of creating a series of rules to live by resonates with you, I encourage you to take the steps to begin putting your own rules into place. 


Look at where you want to go, understand the goals that you have in the next year (and the next three years); understand what you want to happen with respect to your health; happiness, and family; and decide whether or not there are a few key rules that you can choose to live by that will change the way you play the game. 


Do you live by rules? What are the rules you live by? What are some of the rules you have chosen to make a priority for yourself over the course of this year? Join the conversation over on The Entrepology Collective and my Instagram @DrMeghanWalker! 




“We fall victim to these ‘brules’ that are created by society. So, I made a decision … that I was going to set my own rules.” — Meghan Walker 


“[Rules] become incorporated into my life in such a way that they are now a framework and a value system that I live by.” — Meghan Walker 


“To me, the rules are really about setting the lines in the road; and the framework is where the pavement becomes the dirt road — where we suddenly don’t necessarily have that exact same line, but we have the intention of a road that we can start to live by.” — Meghan Walker 


“That’s the thing about rules — you need to share your rules with other people so they can help support you.” — Meghan Walker 


“I find rules work well and work best when you’re specific with them.” — Meghan Walker 


“There are so many opportunities that start to emerge as you get deeper into your career … and it’s really critical — at least for me — that I have very distinct guidelines and guidance around how I’m going to be making … decisions moving forward.” — Meghan Walker