Today, I am joined by one of my very dear friends and colleagues, Dr. Michelle Peris. Together, we’re sitting down to have a “special edition” episode of the podcast where we explore new and novel approaches to healthcare. Dr. Michell Peris is a Naturopathic Doctor, community builder, speaker, women’s empowerment advocate, and mother. She is truly an innovator when it comes to her utilization of group programming to deliver better health outcomes. 


Regardless of whether or not you work in healthcare, today’s conversation is incredibly important and relevant. As voters, individuals, and healthcare consumers, we have a huge amount of power to not only make choices around our own healthcare but to actually make choices around leadership whose policy ideas lend themselves to sustainability within healthcare. And more than ever before, we’re in a time and place for disruption, entrepreneurship, and innovative ideas to be brought to the table in our downstream conversations. 


In this conversation, we take a deep dive into how entrepreneurship and outside-of-the-box thinking actually can lend solutions to a healthcare system that is costing us lives, money, and potential in our own health. We take a look at the incredible healthcare model that Michelle has developed around group health, its capacity to change people’s lives profoundly (and in a highly economically efficient manner), and how she is leading the charge on this new frontier of healthcare. 


Michelle is absolutely going to blow you away with her mission to support women and the model of care that she has developed in her practice. I truly cannot wait for you all to tune in to this important episode! 


Key Takeaways: 

[2:00] About today’s special episode with Dr. Michelle Peris. 

[3:30] Welcoming Dr. Michelle Peris back to The Entrepology Podcast! 

[3:44] The discussion that Dr. Peris and I had about our intentions for this episode. 

[6:34] Michelle shares about the amazing work she has been doing as a creative entrepreneur and clinician. 

[12:24] Michelle addresses some of the misconceptions around what group health actually looks like. 

[17:49] Michelle highlights some of the reasons why people are attracted to group health and the benefits of group health over individual healthcare. 

[21:45] What it would take to implement group programming within the broader healthcare system? What are some of the barriers to implementing it in a broader context? 

[26:24] How group health is able to bridge the gap in healthcare with regards to people taking responsibility for their own health. 

[32:38] Michelle explains what offering a group program can do in terms of shifting the landscape of what your career looks like as a practitioner. 

[35:30] What it would cost for someone to participate in a group program vs. seeing a practitioner one-on-one. 

[38:00] Why group is so much more powerful than one-on-one care and how it is on the frontier of delivering healthcare. 

[42:55] How Michelle has been leading the charge on this new frontier of healthcare. 

[43:49] Michelle’s key performance indicators! 

[49:10] Where to learn more about the work that Michelle is up to in this world. 

[49:39] Thanking Michelle for joining us in this episode! 


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More About Dr. Michelle Peris 

Dr. Michelle Peris is a naturopathic doctor (ND), community builder, speaker, women’s empowerment advocate, and mother. Michelle is the clinic director of The Poppy Clinic, the host of the Rebel Talk podcast. She is also the creator of the international community health initiative, The Wild Collective. 


Michelle maintains a private practice in the city of Oakville, while also dedicating her time to cultivating community health programs aimed at health education and women’s empowerment. She believes that connection is essential for optimal health. She is passionate about helping women of all ages and life stages how to listen to their bodies and tune into the wisdom inside, helping them create a life that feels good to live, with energy and passion that had been long forgotten. 


As an ND, Michelle is immensely passionate about helping women (and their families) become their own best health advocate and believes that empowered, health-conscious individuals can achieve a superior quality of life. 


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I’d love to hear from you as innovative, outside-of-the-box thinkers! What ideas do you have that can help move the needle on better health? What is a model that we can start to deploy within our broader system to transform and shift the health of so many people? 


We’re carrying this conversation over on The Entrepology Collective and Instagram @DrMeghanWalker! 




“The other thing that is particularly attractive … with … group health is … that you are getting health information … curated by regulated healthcare professionals that is evidence-based that allows you to know how to navigate the healthcare system.” — Dr. Michelle Peris 


“With growing levels of chronic disease, we have one acute situation happen and the system crumbles. We need to think of a more innovative way to solve the problem to make our healthcare efficient and way more focused on integrative care.” — Dr. Michelle Peris 


“If you want to find the information that you desire in order to take responsibility for your health, there’s no shortage of that.” — Dr. Michelle Peris 


“Do I think group health is the solution? A thousand percent.” — Dr. Michelle Peris 


“I feel the frustrations … but I want to be solution-focused. … The way … is … showing up generously with love, with information, and making sure that people have the support they need … to … take that health information and do something with it.” — Dr. Michelle Peris 


“It certainly is so cost-effective to be in group health. … It’s a no-brainer.” — Dr. Michelle Peris