Today’s episode is super interesting for those of you who really want to understand what is “below the hood’ of your health. 


I am joined today by Reed Davis, a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and the founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN). He has literally trained thousands of practitioners around the world on how to leverage functional testing, how to understand and go deep with functional testing to truly understand what’s happening inside someone’s body and someone’s health. 


The key to what he’s doing is not necessarily all of the years he has spent in school; it’s the thousands of tests that he has performed on patients over the course of his career. Reed offers such incredible and unique insight in terms of what is going on with our bodies on a functional level — not lab testing that just pumps out a value — but lab testing that helps us to understand the intricacies of what is developing and what is going on in our health. 


In this fascinating episode, Reed gives us a deeper understanding of our susceptibility to viruses, explains the metabolic chaos that can happen when we have hormones that are dysregulated, provides unique insight on the role of stress (and how it plays out in shifting our health over the long term), how our microbiome plays into the overarching status of our health and life, and much more! 


If there is one thing that I hope you all take away from this episode it is that there is this huge opportunity to understand your bio-individuality and to assess your health. You’re going to be blown away by this conversation today with Reed Davis! 


Key Takeaways: 

[1:41] About today’s episode. 

[3:23] Welcoming Reed Davis to the podcast! 

[3:54] Reed shares about his background and why he is uniquely qualified to lead today’s conversation. 

[7:04] About Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and the origin story of its creation. 

[11:10] The role of functional testing in an active person who’s engaged in their environment versus genetic testing, and the relationship between these two streams. 

[13:30] Reed speaks about the common patterns and sequences he started to see amongst his patients in common ailments — and what it indicates. 

[17:18] Reed provides some high-level commentary on the broad global susceptibility right now (especially for viruses like COVID-19) based on environmental influences and global health statuses. 

[20:46] Reed shares about the key functional tests that are at the top of his list. 

[22:55] The major shifts in patterns that Reed has seen in the last 10 years through running functional tests. 

[28:17] What is the most empowering question that patients can ask their practitioner? 

[32:26] Patterns that Reed sees on lab tests that are correlated to a positive health status. 

[36:41]The importance of “doing” rather than “taking” when it comes to health. 

[38:41] Reed shares what he wishes that we would pay more attention to, as a society, that would move the needle globally on our health. 

[40:28] Why taking radical responsibility for your health is the gateway to freedom. 

[43:00] Reed Davis’ key performance indicators! 

[47:30] Where to learn more about the important work Reed Davis is doing in the world! 

[48:10] Thanking Reed Davis for joining us in this episode and sharing his insights. 

[48:22] We want to hear from you! Have you used functional testing in your own life? And was it helpful for you? Reach out to us on Instagram or on The Entrepology Collective. 

[49:55] What were your key insights from this episode? Let us know by screenshotting where you were in the episode and tagging @DrMeghanWalker on Instagram! I’ll be taking a look! 

[50:15] About future Entrepology episodes. 


Mentioned in This Episode: 

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) 

FDN.Today/MW — Reed Davis’ exclusive link for The Entrepology Podcast listeners! 

The Original Prescription: How the Latest Scientific Discoveries Can Help You Leverage the Power of Lifestyle Medicine, by Thomas G. Guilliams Ph.D. and Roni Enten M.Sc. 

The Metabolic Typing Diet: Customize Your Diet To: Free Yourself from Food Cravings: Achieve Your Ideal Weight; Enjoy High Energy and Robust Health; Prevent and Reverse Disease, by William L. Wolcott and Trish Fahey 

Why Stomach Acid Is Good for You: Natural Relief from Heartburn, Indigestion, Reflux and GERD, by Jonathon Wright 


More About Reed Davis 

Reed Davis, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and Certified Nutritional Therapist (CNT), is an expert in functional lab testing and holistic lifestyle medicine. He is the Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) and the FDN Certification Course with over 3,000 graduates in 50 countries. 


Reed served as the Health Director at a Wellness Center in Southern California for over 10 years and with over 10,000 clients is known as one of the most experienced clinicians in the world. Reed serves on the Advisory Board of the American Natural Wellness Coaches Board and the American Association of Natural Wellness Coaches. 


He lives in the U.S. and when not teaching the FDN Certification Course and helping his graduates build their private practices, he is usually found gardening or riding motorcycles. 


Connect with my Guest: 

Website: Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) 

Social Media: Facebook, YouTubeInstagramLinkedIn & Twitter 

FDN.Today/MW — Reed Davis’ exclusive link for The Entrepology Podcast listeners! 


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I truly believe that the functional testing industry has the capacity to transform people’s health. It allows us to look at our health from a lens of not just what’s wrong, but how well our bodies are actually functioning. It’s a whole new arena in which we can assess and act on our health and I’m a firm believer that more data as it pertains to understanding our bodies is positive. 


I want to know how you feel! Have you used functional testing in your own life? And was it helpful for you? We want to hear from you over on The Entrepology Collective and Instagram @DrMeghanWalker! 




“I don’t diagnose and treat … I look for healing opportunities and then apply general principles of health building.” — Reed Davis 


“I’ve seen a lot of improvements in technology and a lot of variety in the lab work. I think [functional testing] has moved the needle and summoned our ability to look upstream and find healing opportunities.” — Reed Davis 


“If you lived yourself into this problem, you can live yourself out of this problem.” — Reed Davis 


“It’s what you do between visits that … really matter.” — Reed Davis 


Everyone should do a leaky gut test. Everyone should do a food sensitivity test.” — Reed Davis