My guest today, Julie Michelson, is not only an international speaker, National Board-Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, and someone who specializes in inflammation and autoimmunity — but, she’s also a fellow biohacker! She is super interested in the strategic decisions and actions that we can take every single day to fully optimize our health.

While Julie and I want to talk about autoimmune risk and the things that we can do for our autoimmune conditions, we thought it would be really fun if we took all of the influences on autoimmune disease and talked about our favorite biohacks for each. What this means is: we are not keeping this episode exclusively for those at autoimmune risk or those managing that disease themselves. We’re keeping this super general and so that everyone listening will be able to use this information to influence and optimize their health!

In this fun conversation, we’re covering 10 topics and sharing our top biohacks for each one! 1. Sleep 2. Stress 3. Detox 4. Digestion 5. Immune health 6. Brain 7. Energy 8. Skin 9. Hormones 10. Autoimmune and inflammation risk. You’re not going to want to miss out!

Key Takeaways:

[1:39] About today’s episode special episode with Julie Michelson!

[3:14] Welcoming Julie to the podcast!

[4:02] Julie shares about her background, health journey, and how she has arrived at the place she is today.

[5:26] About the structure of Julie’s and my conversation.

[6:20] The first (and one of the most important) areas of our health: sleep. Julie and I share our favorite ways of optimizing sleep and how it can vastly impact our overall health.

[8:40] Julie’s favorite ways of mitigating the influence of stress on your body.

[11:23] My insights on biohacking the influence of stress on your body.

[12:57] The detrimental effects of cortisol on our body.

[13:40] Two more key stress biohacks.

[15:14] How detoxification and toxicity influence autoimmune and our favorite biohacks for making sure that our detox pathways are running effectively.

[21:08] Digestion: the soul of a functional approach to health. Julie speaks about the role that digestion has to play in autoimmune and how we can start to hack that system.

[26:35] Julie’s favorite hacks for supporting your immune system outside of supplementation!

[31:30] Julie’s favorite biohacks for the brain!

[34:48] What Julie does on a regular basis (and recommends to her patients as well!) that helps optimize energy.

[38:10] How Julie biohacks her skin to make it feel young and healthy!

[41:34] biohacks related to hormones!

[45:38] Who is at a heightened risk for autoimmune conditions? How do we go about reducing this risk and reducing its severity when it rears its head?

[49:38] Julie’s key performance indicators!

[52:27] Thanking Julie for joining the podcast and sharing her wisdom!

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More About Julie Michelson

Julie Michelson is an international speaker and a National Board-Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach who specializes in inflammation and autoimmunity. She creates amazing transformations in the lives of her clients through her coaching business. Having gone through her own health struggles, she is excited to help her clients skip the hardship of figuring it out on their own and start living joyful lives of true wellness. Julie works internationally with clients in her remote coaching business, Julie Michelson Coaching, LLC. She has created Inspired Living with Autoimmunity® to guide clients in making the changes necessary to reduce inflammation and optimize healing.

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“One of the best biohacks for really creating good quality sleep is creating a routine.”— Julie Michelson

“‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ mentality … really does not serve entrepreneurs for the long haul.” — Julie Michelson

“If you’re not pooping at least daily and you are not completely comfortable from the time you chew your food to the time it comes out, something’s going on there!” — Julie Michelson

“If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.” — Julie Michelson

“I always hear people asking … ‘What can I put on [my skin]?’ Or, ‘How do I treat it?’ … Usually [the answer is] gut health!” — Julie Michelson

“For those of us who want to age slower instead of quicker … [hormones are] just beyond important!” — Julie Michelson

“Really, really committed, dedicated, high-quality sleep — it doesn’t get better than that.” — Julie Michelson