2020 was a doozy but the silver lining to it was that it really was this incredible opportunity for all of us to build resilience — resilience both psychologically and physiologically. 

But what does resilience really mean? And not as this esoteric, beautiful quote on Instagram; but in real life. What are the tools one would need to deploy in their own life so that when tragedy strikes they have the capacity to handle it on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level? How do we build resilience into our lives so that it’s available to us when we need it most? How do we strengthen our resilience in order to come out of situations seeing the silver lining, the lessons, and being able to integrate that experience in a healthy way? 

Joining me to answer all of these questions is Dr. Tara Guzzo; a Naturopathic Doctor, friend, and expert on the idea of resilience! In our conversation together, Dr. Tara shares a really compelling story of how her own need to overcome and integrate resilience led to the starting point of building out an incredible approach to resilience in her own practice. Not only does she share tips for building and strengthening resilience, but we also get into biohacking, mindset practices, and much, much more! I can’t wait for you to join us! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:13] About today’s episode with Dr. Tara Guzzo! 

[3:10] Welcoming Dr. Tara to the podcast! 

[3:33] Dr. Tara shares her backstory, how she’s gotten to this place in her career, and why she is so passionate about this notion of resilience! 

[7:42] Prior to this experience Dr. Tara went through, had she appreciated the connection between health and resilience in the same way that she does now? Or did this experience shift her perspective in understanding this in a completely new way? 

[9:37] Dr. Tara’s definition of what physical and emotional resilience is and looks like. 

[10:15] How do we build resilience in the absence of trauma? 

[13:05] What is the “reward” for putting in the work for building resilience? 

[14:52] Are men more resilient than women? 

[15:19] Why is Dr. Tara so passionate about exploring resilience in women in particular? 

[17:26] Dr. Tara provides practical strategies that you can use in the moment to build resilience, strengthen resilience, and be resilient. 

[22:09] What good physiological resilience looks like. 

[23:23] Markers that Dr. Tara looks for as a clinician to determine if someone has good or poor physiological resilience. 

[24:29] Has Dr. Tara ever leveraged continuous glucose monitoring for looking at resilience? 

[25:55] Heart rate variability and the abundance of research behind this marker as an indicator of resilience in the body. 

[28:32] What Dr. Tara has seen in her practice as being highly effective in raising the HRV scores of her patients. 

[31:03] Tangible tips and habits you can implement today that will move the needle on your resilience and HRV scores. 

[33:30] Dr. Tara’s key performance indicators! 

[36:21] Where to learn more about Dr. Tara and what she’s up to! 

Mentioned in This Episode: 

Dr. Tara Guzzo 

InVersa Health 

Oura Ring 

Man’s Search for Meaning, by Viktor E. Frankl 

More About Dr. Tara Guzzo 

Dr. Tara Guzzo is a naturopathic doctor and registered acupuncturist in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada. She helps busy women across Ontario who are tired, stressed, and anxious to reclaim calm, confidence, and all-day energy. 

Dr. Tara is the CEO and Clinical Director of InVersa Health, a new women’s health clinic combining in-person and virtual care. In 2020, she created and hosted a limited television series on Shaw Spotlight called “Elevating Women’s Wellness” to expose women to novel ways of approaching their health and support building their healthcare team. 

Dr. Tara is also the creator of the Resilience Reset Program designed to teach emotional self-regulation, build resilience and empower women in the face of depleting daily life stress. 

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Dr. Tara and I have a challenge for you! Before you open Instagram ever again, you have to stop and take 15 seconds to focus on gratitude. Instagram is a part of a lot of our daily rituals and if you’re not intentional when you open the app, your emotions are going to get hijacked. Let us know how this practice goes for you and what changes you notice by following up with us on The Entrepology Collective! 


“A really key piece to highlight is the preparation [of resilience]. What are you actually doing in advance in your day-to-day decisions?” — Dr. Tara Guzzo 

“It’s a common misconception that you can’t build resilience unless you’re going through a crisis or you’ve experienced trauma.” — Dr. Tara Guzzo 

“Resilience is truly built through the decisions that you make moment-to-moment … each day.” — Dr. Tara Guzzo 

“Every day there’s fresh opportunities to build resilience and make healthy change[s].” — Dr. Tara Guzzo 

“How we label our experiences can make a dramatic difference in everything in our lives. It impacts our physiology … our mental/emotional state, and our spiritual perspective.” — Dr. Tara Guzzo 

“Reframing for silver linings … [is] something that starts in the mind but translates into how it impacts your physical health as well.” — Dr. Tara Guzzo