Today we are talking about a subject matter that is particularly important to me personally  and that is the idea and notion of leadership. I believe that there is a significant deficit of leadership in our world, our country, and our communities right now — and I believe that entrepreneurs are in a very unique position to step into that role. 

Joining me in this conversation is the incredible Dani Kagan. Dani is co-founder of City MOGULS, a platform that celebrates, educates, and connects innovative entrepreneurs to inspire great leaders. She is also someone who has helped pull me outside of my own comfort zone when she invited me to walk down the runway at one of her events! 

In this episode, Dani and I have an amazing conversation.  We talk about the essence of leadership, the role of entrepreneurs, how leadership and entrepreneurship come together, and Dani’s personal journey as an entrepreneur with City MOGULS; from how they got started as an events company to curating an incredible community and launching a membership on the other side. 

There are so many gems of wisdom jammed into this episode and I’m so excited for you to join this conversation with Dani Kagan! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:18] About today’s episode with our fantastic guest, Dani Kagan. 

[3:00] Welcoming Dani to The Entrepology Podcast! 

[3:53] Dani shares who she is and why she is so passionate about what it is that she’s doing. 

[6:16] With many groups that bring together entrepreneurs, what separates City MOGULS from the rest? Why do entrepreneurs gravitate toward their community over others? 

[7:40] What compelled Dani to engage in the greater conversation of leadership as an entrepreneur? 

[11:20] How Dani defines leadership and about one of the leaders she looks up to the most. 

[13:26] How does Dani identify incredible leaders? 

[14:48] Simple doesn’t always mean easy (especially when it comes to leadership). 

[16:16] Patience: a key attribute that all leaders should have. 

[17:00] A key commonality between those who are able to build big, successful businesses and platforms. 

[18:47] How Dani was able to build this membership component of City MOGULS; what it looks like, what it includes, how she has leveraged a following into something that is able to be monetized, and why she thinks it has been so successful. 

[23:45] The importance of trial and error with entrepreneurship. 

[25:00] An underrated, key piece of improving your business/event/platform/product as an entrepreneur. 

[27:24] The relationship between health, entrepreneurship, and leadership. 

[31:38] The importance of flexibility as an entrepreneur, taking breaks, and debunking the entrepreneur myth that you need to work 24/7 in order to accomplish anything. 

[34:56] Key lessons around mindset. 

[37:30] Key tenets of a successful leader. 

[39:02] Dani’s key performance indicators! 

[41:27] Where to learn more about Dani and City MOGULS. 

[41:54] About our upcoming Clinician C.E.O. program! 

[43:30] About next week’s episode! 

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More About Dani Kagan 

Dani is a passionate and motivated entrepreneur, mentor, and dance teacher. With her love for creating memorable experiences and connecting motivated and innovative thinkers, Dani and her co-founder, Victoria Marshman, began City MOGULS to provide a space for entrepreneurs and leaders to thrive and grow professionally and personally. What began as a one-time event to give back to Canadian causes and highlight the top entrepreneurs in the country in a fashion show, is now a flourishing community of thousands of entrepreneurs. Dani is a big believer that being a part of a community, challenges you to think bigger, see new perspectives, and help inspire more people with what you do. 

Additionally, Dani is a dance teacher and choreographer at Rhythm Dance Studio and has won numerous choreography awards throughout her 12-year career. She is a fitness and yoga enthusiast and is passionate about inspiring others to get moving. 

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“I feel like all entrepreneurs are leaders. I think everyone’s a leader in whatever they do. Everyone has leadership within them and it’s just about taking action.” — Dani Kagan 

“I think everyone is a leader in their life in some capacity.” — Dani Kagan 

“Brands need to take a stand and brands need to step up — and I think that’s what really good leaders do.” — Dani Kagan 

“I think ‘leadership’ is being bold and being innovative. … I don’t think it needs to be much more complex than that.” — Dani Kagan 

“I think the best leaders are people who go out there, take action, fall on their faces, take really big risks, and … come out the other side.” — Dani Kagan 

“A good leader is very patient because they know that [success] doesn’t happen overnight.” — Dani Kagan 

“Just asking and talking to individual clients, consumers, [and] people in your network and community … is so underrated.” — Dani Kagan