As women, we are sitting on a goldmine of capacity but we never have the conversations that unlock our inner goddess. This conversation kick starts the unlocking process by identifying the blocks we women face and puts forth strategies that enable us to embrace our divine feminine. 

This is the third time I have invited Dr. Stephanie Estima to be a guest on the show. I continue to ask her because she has a wealth of knowledge regarding women’s health and wellness. Dr. Stephanie shares the essential points from her new book, The Betty Body: A Geeky Goddess’ Guide to Intuitive Eating, Balanced Hormones, and Transformative Sex. Her unique perspective is supported by all aspects of being female including how women are affected by the stark contrast of attempting to negotiate our way through the patriarchal, male-based systems in place today. 

Be sure to tune in for this episode as we dive deep into how women can take control of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We discuss intuitive eating, how to listen to our bodies on a cellular level to feed them to contribute to our divine state, and navigating through our multidimensional operating system that we are only on the brink of understanding how to utilize. 

Key Takeaways: 

[3:48] Stephanie was driven to disseminate her information in a way a brick and mortar clinic couldn’t, so she went online. 

[6:04] After transitioning from a physical practice, Stephanie had to grieve for a little while. 

[7:05] Stephanie started the Better! podcast and is ready to “birth her book baby.” 

[8:50] The premise of The Betty Body book is you are already a dream girl who is on the road to self-actualization. 

[11:52] For females, a ketogenic diet can be an effective tool against brain fog or chronic low-grade inflammation. 

[15:15] What is intuitive eating and how does it play into daily health at a cellular level? 

[20:08] Women who try to fit into a patriarchal, male-based system do so to their detriment. 

[23:43] The importance of a female-based morning routine. 

[26:56] Women have more anxiety during the twilight hours. An evening ritual can alleviate stress and increase longevity. 

[29:55] Advice about orgasms on popular media often excludes female needs. 

[32:39] Being a woman is not a curse! 

[35:50] Stephanie shares the best time for women to ponder critical decisions. 

[39:00] Three tips for women to heighten intuition with self and care for their bodies in a whole new way. 

[42:23] Negative self-talk is dangerous. 

[43:51] Stephanie’s book pick, Breath is a must-read. 

[45:18] Stephanie’s favorite health hack. 

[46:45] Stephanie’s purpose is to help women heal their feminine energy. 

[47:55] The genetic and environmental aspects of being an entrepreneur. 

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More About Dr. Stephanie Estima 

Dr. Stephanie Estima is an expert in metabolism and body composition. She is a doctor of chiropractic with a special interest in functional neurology, brain metabolism, and the specific application of the ketogenic diet and fasting to female physiology. Using her framework, The ESTIMA Method™, she is particularly focused on distilling strategies in nutritional proxies, movement, posture, and mindset to actualize human potential, health span, longevity, and achievement. 

For the past 17 years, she has lectured at wellness centers, conferences, and corporations on nutrition, exercise, sleep, hormone health, and mindset. She has spoken in corporate and conference settings with audiences ranging from 50-3,000. She is one of the top writers on with approximately 300,000 new readers to her articles each month. She has been featured in Thrive Global, a division of The Huffington Post. 

Dr. Stephanie is also the host of Better! With Dr. Stephanie which is designed to empower women to live better, by knowing better and doing better. 

Check out her website,, and sign up for her newsletter, ‘Brain Candy,’ which is sent out weekly to 200,000+ subscribers. It is full of bite-sized information on nutrition, fitness, forgiveness, mental grit, and perseverance! 

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“After transitioning to online practice, I had to grieve that I was no longer in physical practice. It was part of my identity.” — Dr. Stephanie Estima 

 “Women are not mini-men, as we are traditionally treated in the dialogue around keto and intermittent fasting.” — Meghan Walker 

“Betty is a triple threat. She’s smart and loving and quirky and beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. She’s a lifelong learner. All of these wonderful things. I said it’s like that’s who I am. I aspire to be this Betty and so do my listeners.” — Dr. Stephanie Estima 

“The beautiful, ever-changing ebb and flow of the female hormonal landscape has been lost and women are not aware of why they feel different at certain times of the month.” — Dr. Stephanie Estima 

“Using nutrition as a proxy for healing metabolic derangements can be incredibly powerful to help facilitate energy, weight loss, brain function, and longevity.” — Dr. Stephanie Estima 

“The body has this natural desire to want to achieve homeostasis, balance, and health. The more you give yourself the tools to do it, your body is going to express health.” — Dr. Stephanie Estima