Today we are discussing a subject matter we have never discussed on The Entrepology Podcast before  and I’ve got to say, I think we covered it super well and really thoroughly! 

My guest, Stephanie Massey, is a cancer survivor, a mother, a wife, a writer, and the daughter of a breast cancer survivor. She is also a certified cannabis educator. And what we’re talking about today is all things cannabis! How do we use it medicinally? What has been the evolution of it becoming regulated in a Canadian market? How can we leverage it in our everyday lives? And how do we move beyond the stigma surrounding it from the war on drugs, and instead, into the mindset of using it as a purposeful tool? 

Be sure to tune in for this episode as we unpack cannabis; from the ins and outs of getting started with it, its role on our health and our endocannabinoid system, to how we can incorporate in a greater wellness plan, and the physiology behind how it can impact our mental, physical, and psychosocial health. 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:15] About today’s episode with Stephanie Massey. 

[3:15] Welcoming Stephanie to the podcast! 

[4:00] Stephanie shares her journey and why cannabis has become such a central part of the work that she does with patients and clinicians. 

[9:10] Where to start with cannabis when you don’t know the resources or language around it. Stephanie also explains the science behind the pain relief cannabis has to offer, and the difference between CBD and hemp. 

[15:26] Why as a clinician should be taking a look at cannabis. 

[16:44] What science has found about the endocannabinoid system. 

[19:15] What else has a direct impact on our endocannabinoid system? 

[20:02] Why would we want to influence our endocannabinoid system? 

[20:54] Where and how to start if you’re curious about exploring cannabis (either recreationally or medicinally). 

[24:00] The spectrum of influence that cannabis can have in the areas of health and wellness. 

[28:05] Not a quick fix: why you need to have patience (and curiosity) when it comes to exploring cannabis. 

[31:49] Cannabis is not the end-all-be-all solution: why you need to incorporate cannabis as part of a greater wellness plan and not only use cannabis. 

[33:40] The non-medical side of cannabis: why you may want to try it recreationally and how you can navigate this space. 

[38:02] What makes a more “chilled out” cannabis product vs. a more “energetic” one? How do you find out what works for you? 

[41:20] The benefit of going with a balanced cannabis product (similar or equal parts THC and CBD). 

[42:17] The different ways to consume cannabis. 

[50:13] Stephanie’s key performance indicators! 

[54:11] Where to learn more about the work that Stephanie does in this world! 

[55:11] About our upcoming webinar, the CEO System masterclass. 

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All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr 

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More About Stephanie Massey 

Stephanie is a Canadian mom of two teens, a wife of 25 years, a writer, and a Coffee lover. She is a young Breast Cancer Survivor and the daughter of a Breast Cancer Survivor. 

Stephanie works in clinical practice at True Roots Healthcare as a Certified Cannabis Educator and Consultant. She is a Medical Cannabis Patient and Cancer and Cannabis Patient Advocate. In 2020 Stephanie co-founded a National Non-Profit Organization called EduCanNation. This is a diverse group of Cannabis Educators who are raising the level of Cannabis Education in this Country. Stephanie is a Yoga and Meditation teacher, who passionately studies the fusion of Cannabis, Restorative Yoga, and Nervous System Regulation and healing. She is a previous restaurant owner and chef, whose industry focus was organic coffee, tea, and food with a Farm-to-Table flair. She is the Co-Host of a brand new podcast called A Tincture of Time. Stephanie began blogging her journey through BC to keep all of her family and friends in the loop and has kept at it because so many people are appreciating hearing her story. 

Connect with my Guest: 


Social Media: Facebook & Instagram: @StephieMassey & @ThatCannabisLady 

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Have you tried cannabis before? If yes, how are you incorporating it now? And are you thinking of incorporating anything new? If not, are you considering trying it in the future after listening to today’s conversation? What are you most curious about trying out? And in which ways will you consider incorporating it into a greater wellness plan? 

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“I was 43, with cancer, the first time I ever smoked a joint. So, it was a really, really hard mindset shift for me  and science helped.” — Stephanie Massey 

 “The University of Guelph studied [cannabis], and they found this access to pain relief and this one molecule is 30X stronger than aspirin.” — Stephanie Massey 

“CBD is actually a neuro-protectant. So this plant is so smart that it knows how to protect you while it nourishes you.” — Stephanie Massey 

“It’s so surprising … that naturopathic doctors don’t have this education and … knowledge around cannabis because I think many of you would be blown away by the therapeutic benefit of this plant.” — Stephanie Massey 

“[Cannabis is] an ancient plant that’s been used for medicine for a long time and, really, it’s only been the last 100 years that we’ve been deprived of it.” — Stephanie Massey 

“I have seen suffering, I have felt suffering … and it’s unethical for us to not have these options available for people when they are suffering.” — Stephanie Massey