A lawyer and self-care — you’ve probably never put these two concepts together but they are the exact two concepts that we are bringing together today in my conversation with Andrea Henry! 

Andrea Henry is a lawyer and an entrepreneur who leads her own firm. Andrea is approachable, knowledgeable, and someone I have often turned to for years and send my clients to consistently. 

In this episode, Andrea shares her own story; from what drove her to really create her own path as it pertains to how she’s going to build a career in the legal system, to how she’s going to build a small business on her own, and the type of impact she wants to have for small business owners. We also talk about how to scale your business and make more money with less time, as well as all of the biggest mistakes that we see small business owners make and what they can do to avoid these major mistakes that lead to heartache and stress down the road. If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner this is a not-to-miss conversation full of invaluable advice and key insights! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:22] About today’s episode with my incredible guest, Andrea Henry. 

[2:27] Welcoming Andrea Henry to the podcast! 

[3:14] Andrea shares her story, why her approach to building her legal practice is so important to her, and how she has gotten to this point in her career. 

[5:10] Andrea speaks about what her journey of scaling her business has looked like. 

[8:42] How did Andrea navigate the situation of when someone would call her firm and specifically request her? 

[10:18] How much of Andrea’s time is spent working directly with clients vs. the scalability of her business? 

[10:58] How working with a lawyer could free up capacity within your life. 

[14:30] Advantages of working with a business lawyer. 

[15:31] Andrea’s thoughts on business partnerships and collaborations. 

[21:55] Good debt vs. bad debt. 

[24:55] How lawyers enable small business owners and entrepreneurs to have more freedom in their lives. 

[33:00] Why wealthy people stay wealthy and become wealthier and why having a conversation with a lawyer while building your practice up can save you millions of dollars. 

[35:38] What you should invest in first with your business. 

[36:08] Symptoms of not being able to progress in your business. 

[37:16] A lesson in how your peace of mind, your capacity to grow, and your ability to be a visionary is tied to your ability to find the right advice from the right people. 

[41:41] Andrea’s key performance indicators! 

[46:14] Where to learn more about the work that Andrea is doing in this world. 

[46:33] Thanking Andrea for joining the podcast! 

Mentioned in This Episode: 

Henry Business Law 

The Secure Startup 

More About Andrea Henry 

Andrea is a Cambridge-educated lawyer with more than a decade of experience working with businesses of all sizes and at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. When she started her firm, she had $1000, three clients, and A LOT of hustle — growing her practice to six figures in under a year. 

Her clients come to her passionate about their businesses but unsure about whether they are protected in the next stage of growth. Andrea started Henry Business Law to help ambitious entrepreneurs feel safe and secure in their businesses and enjoy the exhilaration of growing with the confidence that they have the right legal protections in place. 

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“The only way that you can grow a business and make more money with less time is by leveraging systems, assets, and team.” — Andrea Henry 

“One of the advantages of working with an experienced business lawyer is because we’ve seen so much. … The advantage of working with someone is that we can show you lots of different ways that you can leverage the same asset.” — Andrea Henry 

“There are so many ways for you to grow when you’re starting out and you don’t know where your business is going to go.” — Andrea Henry 

“Regardless of what stage you’re in in your business … you should have a consultation with [a lawyer].” — Andrea Henry 

“Other people will only take our business as seriously as we take it.” — Andrea Henry 

“Having a conversation with a lawyer or an accountant about how to structure [your business] can save you literally millions of dollars.” — Andrea Henry 

“If we want people to pay us and value our services but we don’t do that for others, it’s not going to work out so well.” — Andrea Henry