My guest today, Lisa Goldberg, is a nutritionist with specific expertise in understanding the mind-body connection to eating. As a weight loss coach, she speaks a lot about emotional eating in her practice. And today, we are really going to unpack the many different facets and features that we need to address if we’re going to start to break the cycle of emotional eating. 

For people who have experienced diets on and off their entire lives, this interview is entirely for you. Not only do we talk about the mindset pieces that need to be in place to break the pattern of how we are eating and how we are engaging in our relationship with food, but we also start to break down some of the tactics, techniques, and conversation starters as we engage with our family of origin with respect to how we are eating and how we are choosing to honor ourselves going forward. 

Lisa’s philosophy is really simple: it’s not about having a specific diet to lose weight; it’s about addressing your relationship with food. If this is something that you’ve always been curious about, I promise you will not be disappointed in today’s conversation! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:38] About today’s episode with Lisa Goldberg! 

[3:22] Welcoming Lisa to the podcast! 

[4:17] Lisa shares her story and how she got to this place in her career. 

[7:56] How to interrupt your old patterns around diet and food and the first steps you can begin to take in changing your mindset. 

[11:37] The importance of shifting your mindset from “diet” to “this is my philosophy of eating,” and noticing your old patterns in order to interrupt them. 

[13:15] How self-worth plays a part in how we eat. 

[17:20] How does Lisa have conversations with first-time clients? 

[18:33] Lisa breaks down the connection between self-worth and mindful/intuitive eating. 

[21:33] Lisa speaks about the shift she has seen this year in terms of people’s relationship with food and the global pandemic. 

[24:38] Lisa’s philosophy on eating. 

[30:00] Lisa’s thoughts on alcohol when it comes to losing weight. 

[32:57] How to navigate the holidays so you don’t lose all of your incredible progress. 

[37:30] Lisa’s KPIs! 

[42:21] Where to learn more about what Lisa is up to! 

[42:45] Thanking Lisa for joining the podcast! 

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Lisa Goldberg Nutrition 

More About Lisa Goldberg 

As a nutritionist and coach, Lisa helps her clients make a commitment to themselves and their health. She helps them make long-term changes (and not just give them more quick fixes), how to make the right food choices, and break those eating and behavior patterns that are holding them back! Ultimately, she helps her clients lose the weight they’ve been wanting to lose for good so that they can get from where they are now to where they’ve been longing to be! 

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Lisa and I are challenging you this week to explore your relationship with food and eating. Are you eating when you are hungry? Or is it in response to boredom? Do you stop eating when you’re content? Or do you only stop when you are stuffed? These can be tough questions to ask but recognizing your behaviors and patterns are amazing first steps! Let us know how it goes by joining the conversation over on The Entrepology Collective! 


“There are so many people that go on a million different diets and they lose the weight … but because they don’t change the behaviors and the habits and their way of thinking that got them to be overweight, … the weight always eventually finds its way back.” — Lisa Goldberg 

“Once you start creating an awareness of your habits and behaviors and your thought process, you catch yourself. You see different things.”  Lisa Goldberg 

“Once [someone is] aware of what those patterns are [that are negatively impacting them], is when we can start to change the pattern[s] and also change the self-talk; change the conversation.”  Lisa Goldberg 

“Your food needs to ring the bell, … physically, mentally, and emotionally, or you’re always going to be looking for that one more [food item] regardless of whether you’re hungry or not.”  Lisa Goldberg 

“When people emotionally eat they’re trying to stuff something down or fill something up. … So I help them really explore themselves to recognize what [it is] that they’re needing that’s not food  because that’s what so many people aren’t in touch with.”  Lisa Goldberg 

“You have to eat the food that you like. You have to enjoy what you’re eating. And … pay attention to: ‘Am I eating because I’m hungry and I’m stopping when I’m content?”  Lisa Goldberg 

“How you eat to lose the weight is how you need to eat to maintain the weight you’ve lost.”  Lisa Goldberg