In the weeks leading up to this 200th milestone, I’ve been reflecting on what some of the commonalities are in terms of the messaging of our guests. And in all of the really incredible, powerful, and insightful conversations we’ve had with our guests, I’ve found that there’s a common thread that weaves them all together  whether it’s business, mindset, or health. These common features are all a part of the people I have talked to who have been truly successful in what it is that they have set out to do in this world. 

So in this episode, I am sharing the top six common threads I have observed amongst the most accomplished guests we have had on The Entrepology Podcast! 

Key Takeaways: 

[:39] About today’s 200th episode special! 

[3:41] #1: The concept of flexibility. 

[5:25] #2: Our behavior predicts who we will become. 

[6:56] #3: There is no one way. 

[9:04] #4: Wanting something is not enough. 

[10:05] #5: Having a curious and critical mind. 

[12:29] #6: Failure should be a status symbol. 

[14:55] This is the vision for the future of The Entrepology Podcast. 

[15:30] If you are interested in being a part of the conversation, here’s what to do! 

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“Flexibility in one’s business, flexibility in one’s mindset, and flexibility in one’s health is one of the ultimate indicators of success.”  Meghan Walker 

“The behavior you’re engaging in today is going to determine the person you’re going to become tomorrow.”  Meghan Walker 

“There is not one way [of becoming successful]. There are so many different paths to get to your success.”  Meghan Walker 

“It’s not sufficient to want to lose weight. It’s not sufficient to want to have a seven-figure business. It’s not enough to want to be healthier. … When it comes to creating your ideal life, … we need to accompany the ‘want’ with really distinct action.” — Meghan Walker 

“Having a curious and inquisitive mind is a really critical feature of your ongoing growth.”  Meghan Walker 

“Failure is arguably one of the single most powerful opportunities to accelerate things forward.”  Meghan Walker 

“The only difference between people who allow failure to devastate them [versus allowing] failure to empower them is the mindset that [they] bring to the experience.”  Meghan Walker