It is my pleasure today to introduce you to a fellow naturopathic doctor and business coach, Dr. Andrea Maxim! Andrea does really incredible work in this world in her own unique way. As a practicing naturopathic doctor, author, and business mentor, Andrea helps people move towards MAXIMizing their digestion, MAXIMizing their hormones, MAXIMizing their weight loss, and of course, MAXIMizing their Health! On top of this, Andrea also helps outstanding health practitioners who are financially struggling in running their own practice. She believes running the business side of your clinic should be as exciting and rewarding as helping your patients. 

In this episode, Andrea and I have a really amazing conversation. We delve deep into where we are currently at with our businesses at the end of 2020, moving into 2021; what we need to be aware of as female entrepreneurs; and the most effective ways we can invest in ourselves going forward. We talked about inconvenient truths, marketing tactics, and universal strategies that will be key as we move into 2021. 

If you are an entrepreneur in 2020, you do not want to miss Andrea’s tips in this episode on what you can do in order to run a successful business in 2021! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:00] About today’s episode with Dr. Andrea Maxim! 

[2:09] Welcoming Dr. Andrea Maxim back to the podcast! 

[3:00] Andrea gives an overview of the work she is doing and what has gotten her to this point in her career. 

[4:21] Was Andrea always an entrepreneur? 

[5:04] What does it actually mean to be an entrepreneur in 2020? 

[7:51] Andrea shares where she has invested in the past with respect to mindset and training and what has played a part in the areas she has seen the biggest growth. 

[10:29] What separates those who are successful from those who are not. 

[11:37] Andrea speaks about her relationship with failure and how failure has played a role in her success. 

[13:38] Confidence vs. courage. 

[14:38] Andrea shares her mantras and methodology in terms of stepping into a place of courage. 

[18:50] How Andrea coaches entrepreneurs around the integrity of sales and building a healthier sales mindset. 

[24:20] Where Andrea sees marketing heading in 2021 and what she sees as the key pieces that entrepreneurs need to keep in mind and put into place heading into the new year. 

[27:08] What does Andrea say to the entrepreneurs who say they just don’t like social media? 

[28:28] Are there any situations in which social media would be unnecessary to someone’s growth in 2020 and beyond? 

[30:05] Andrea gives advice to those who have never dipped their toes into the social media waters. 

[35:29] Why you need to invest in yourself during uncertain times. 

[41:10] Dr. Andrea Maxim’s key performance indicators! 

[43:51] Come join us over on The Entrepology Collective and let’s keep the conversation going! 

[45:28] What to look forward to in coming episodes of The Entrepology Podcast. 

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More About Dr. Andrea Maxim 

Dr. Andrea Maxim is one of Southern Ontario’s leading naturopathic doctors and the creator of “The Maxim Movement”; a movement helping people move towards MAXIMizing their Digestion, MAXIMizing their Hormones, MAXIMizing their Weight Loss, and of course MAXIMizing their Health! 

Following the foundational needs of the body, Dr. Andrea offers a step-wise program of removing triggers (food sensitivities, heavy metals, stress, environmental toxins), detoxifying the body, and then flooding the body with nutrients to get it functioning and healing properly. 

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Social Media: Facebook @TheMaximMovement, Twitter @AndreaMaximMD, & Instagram @AndreaMaximMD 

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As we head toward the end of 2020 and into 2021, we need to embrace a sense of courage as entrepreneurs. We need to lean into the fact that the world has changed, and that now  more than ever  give a platform and a voice to our ways of thinking, the gifts that we have, and the capacity for impact that sits inside of all of us. We need to share with individuals how we can help change their lives. 

I truly feel that this is the time for entrepreneurs and that the single most differentiating factor for those who are going to make it through the next 24 months (vs. those who will not) is simply going to come down to whether or not you are willing to make courageous choices every single day. 

We need to tap into this notion of courage that sits inside of all of us. What will you be doing to become a more courageous you? What is one step you will be taking to push yourself closer to making more courageous choices every single day? Join the conversation over on The Entrepology Collective and let us know! 


“I never turn away from the path. I will always say, ‘Yep, this is scary AF. Yes, I’m probably going to lose sleep for a couple of months. Yes, I don’t know if I can do this. But I’m still going to try and let the chips fall where they may.’”  Dr. Andrea Maxim 

“What is truth and what is story?”  Dr. Andrea Maxim 

“I think if people could stop with the stories, stop with the overplanning, the over-prepping, the overpreparing, and just do it… that’s really been the best way for me to have that courageous action and constantly go forward.”  Dr. Andrea Maxim 

“If you want to be successful; if you want to have a breakthrough year in 2021, you just need to find a way to show up.”  Dr. Andrea Maxim 

“The people that are crushing it are the ones that are just there. They are present. They are sharing their world. They’re showing up for their community.” — Dr. Andrea Maxim 

“You will find a way. You will find a way to make [it] work even in uncertain times.”  Dr. Andrea Maxim