We all have these certain ways of thinking that are entrenched and ingrained in who we are as an individual, as a family, and as a society. And today, we are breaking these down, we are calling them out, and we are holding ourselves accountable to reach our highest potential. 

Having had some incredible conversations this year with some powerful female leaders (and, through doing my own soul-searching), I’ve really been able to get in touch with some of the key concepts that are holding us back. What I’ve come to discover  and what I’ve been able to pull together for all of you  is that there are five key limiting beliefs that I truly believe are pervasive within our ways of thinking that are holding us back from our potential for impact as entrepreneurs. 

I really believe that 2020 can be a year that is a gift to all of us  but it requires that we lean into it. So I urge you to join me in this episode as I unpack the five limiting beliefs that you need to overcome in 2020! 

Key Takeaways: 

[:17] About today’s episode. 

[1:01] The five limiting beliefs that we need to address in 2020 that are holding us back (and how we can address and conquer them). 

[2:21] Limiting belief #1: Helping people means not earning what you are worth. 

[5:48] Limiting belief #2: Confidence takes time. 

[8:23] Limiting belief #3: Boundaries make you a b*tch. 

[10:30] Limiting belief #4: Challenges and hard things mean that you are on the wrong path. 

[13:19] Limiting belief #5: Investing in yourself costs too much. 

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[18:54] About our upcoming episodes! 

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I truly believe in everyone’s capacity for impact. If you’re hanging out with us at The Entrepology Collective you are here for a reason. You’ve got a mission burning inside of you. And every day that we tackle a new limiting belief a new one is going to open up for us. That’s part of our journey. But, it’s how we tackle these beliefs that are important. Once we acknowledge them and address them we are one step closer to reaching our highest potential for impact. 

I urge you to join the conversation at The Entrepology Collective to share with us about some of the limiting beliefs you have experienced in your life (or are currently experiencing) and how you have tackled them (or are tackling them right now!) 


“It’s on us to innovate our offer, not cheapen our pricing. When we cheapen our pricing… we render our giving unsustainable. … When we are forced by constraints to innovate how we offer, we come up with offers that are actually able to impact and reach more people.”  Meghan Walker 

“Confidence doesn’t take time. Confidence takes courage. … Confidence is accessible to any of us at any time.”  Meghan Walker 

“Confidence comes when we do one thing: we make a commitment to being courageous.”  Meghan Walker 

“Boundaries are a symptom of self-worth. If we’re going to do work that will help and support other people, we need to protect our energy, our time, and our money and that starts with understanding what our own unique boundaries look like.” — Meghan Walker 

“Let go of this idea that challenges mean you are [not] on the right path. In fact, those challenges probably mean that you are on the path of growth.”  Meghan Walker 

“Investing in yourself is the thing that will help you reach more people. … Investing in yourself gives you a new platform, new energy, and a new level of nourishment that will expedite your access to confidence.” — Meghan Walker