It is my pleasure today to introduce you to a renowned colleague, Dr. Aumatma Simmons! Dr. Aumatma is a passionate feminist and an advocate for women’s health. In particular, her area of focus is around dispelling the myths of what fertility means for women over the age of 35. As an award-winning naturopathic and holistic fertility doctor who has been in practice for nearly 15 years, she knows what it takes to get couples on the fast-track to getting pregnant and staying pregnant. 

In this episode, Dr. Aumatma and I talk all about holistic fertility and the critical information that all women (and couples) need to know about their fertility as they are engaging in busy states of life. She shares what you can do to preserve your fertility, health optimization related to your fertility, the key factors that inform the greater challenges you may face with your fertility, and the most powerful lifestyle habits you can put in place to move the needle on your fertility. As a busy entrepreneur and someone on a mission with their life, this is an area that so many people, especially women, need to look at. If you’re beginning to plan a family or are currently on your fertility journey I highly recommend you tune in for this one! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:00] About today’s episode with Dr. Aumatma Simmons. 

[1:42] Welcoming Dr. Aumatma Simmons to the podcast! 

[2:19] Dr. Aumatma shares why fertility is a particular area of interest for you and why she decided to pursue a career in holistic fertility. 

[6:15] The landscape of fertility: Dr. Aumatma dispels fertility myths and assumptions, what challenges really look like for women over the age of 35. 

[11:00] Dr. Aumatma shares some of the key factors that inform the greater challenges with respect to one’s fertility and some of the realities we need to be aware of when we’re trying to get pregnant. 

[15:25] How Dr. Aumatma assesses someone’s health in terms of where they are at with respect to optimized fertility. 

[18:20] When someone sees permutations in their normal trends related to their hormone charts and numbers, how does Dr. Aumatma approach this? How does she begin to work with these women? 

[19:53] The importance of aiming for optimal, not normal — especially when it comes to your fertility! 

[20:52] Common trends with women who have been labelled as “normal” but are struggling with fertility. 

[26:55] What men need to be aware of during the fertility process. 

[30:11] The most powerful lifestyle habits you can put in place that move the needle on one’s fertility; Dr. Aumatma’s foundational pieces for optimal fertility. 

[39:26] Dr. Aumatma Simmons’ key performance indicators! 

[42:46] Where to learn more about all of the things Dr. Aumatma is up to! 

[43:25] Be sure to connect with us over on The Entrepology Collective to meet like-minded, mission-driven entrepreneurs just like yourself! 

[44:10] About next week’s episode. 

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Dr. Aumatma’s Instagram: @Holistic_Fertility_Doctor 

More About Dr. Aumatma Simmons 

Dr. Aumatma is an award-winning naturopathic and holistic fertility doctor. She has been in practice for almost 15 years, helping couples create their dream family without drugs and injections. Dr. Aumatma is also the best-selling author of, Fertility Secrets: What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Baby-Making, and is a sought-out speaker on topics related to fertility. 

She spends much of her time outside of the clinic, teaching and mentoring doctors who want to specialize in holistic fertility so that there can be more qualified doctors to support the growing population of over six million couples struggling with infertility nationwide — while playing mom to her two-year-old toddler, conceived on their first try at an “older” age after practicing what she preaches daily to her clients. 

Dr. Aumatma has been featured on ABC, FOX, CBS, KTLA, MindBodyGreen, The Bump, etc., along with being interviewed for countless podcasts on topics of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health. 

Connect with my Guest: 


Social Media: Instagram @Holistic_Fertility_Doctor, Facebook @DrAumatmaNd, & LinkedIn @aushah 

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“The first thing that I would share about the fertility landscape is that there’s an assumption that our fertility declines at 35. Most of that research comes out of France in the 1800s. The more current research … actually shows that there’s only a 3% decline in fertility between the age of 29 and 39.” — Dr. Aumatma Simmons 

“Let’s not assume that just because we’re over 35 that fertility is going to be a difficult journey.” — Dr. Aumatma Simmons 

“It’s really important to unhook the age from what’s actually happening in your body.” — Dr. Aumatma Simmons 

“Making sure that you’re really assessing fertility from a more functional medicine perspective where you’re looking for optimal, not normal, is key.” — Dr. Aumatma Simmons 

“Even doctors are promoting this idea that it’s just the women’s fault if they can’t get pregnant. But it’s really not. 49% of fertility has to do with male factor infertility.” — Dr. Aumatma Simmons 

“We need to train ourselves to think like an entrepreneur and continue to challenge and uplevel ourselves so that we can have the biggest impact … [that is possible] in the world.” — Dr. Aumatma Simmons