Today’s topic is a little bit different from our usual  but I’d venture to say that it is one that actually impacts all of us. And now, since so many of us are now working entirely online from our homes, the effect is even greater. 

My guest today, Risa Suzuki, is a Building Biologist and an expert in EMF — electromagnetic fields. She’s also the author of the What the EMF?: How to Protect Your Home from EMF Exposure, Improve Sleep, Reduce Anxiety, and Live a Happier, Healthier Life! 

This topic of EMF has a peripheral penetration into all of our lives but it is not one that we love to look at. It is an inconvenient truth for many of us. There is no doubt that the electromagnetic frequencies that we are exposed to have an impact on our health and bodies. 

What I loved about my interview with Risa today was the opportunity to start to break down what we need to know related to EMF and where we can take concerted action so that we can be informed citizens in a Wi-Fi-connected world. When you know better, you can do better; and in this episode, Risa shares how we can begin to implement strategic changes, protect ourselves in compelling ways, and, overall, live a healthier and more energetic life. 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:10] About today’s episode with Risa Suzuki. 

[2:31] Welcoming Risa Suzuki to the podcast! 

[3:03] Risa introduces herself and explains what EMF is. 

[4:15] Does EMF impact everyone? 

[5:28] Where should we start in addressing EMF? What do we need to be aware of? 

[7:35] How do we begin to address EMF in our day-to-day lives? 

[8:46] What influence does EMF have on our bodies and health? 

[12:55] Why those with exposure to mold and mold toxicity are at a hyper-vulnerability with respect to EMFs. 

[14:31] Symptoms from chronic exposure to EMFs. 

[16:10] Is it possible to test for EMF toxicity in the body? 

[16:33] If you’re experiencing chronic symptoms of unknown origin it is important to rule out other possibilities such as mold toxicity, Lyme disease, and EMFs. 

[18:27] Risa talks EMFs and Lyme. 

[20:16] How big of a part does Wi-Fi in someone’s home play in their EMF exposure? 

[22:27] How do we protect ourselves from neighboring Wi-Fi signals? 

[23:23] How do we measure how much EMF we are exposed to in our own homes? 

[26:02] What is the multiplier effect? 

[27:48] Where else are we getting EMFs from other sources that are really easy to shut off (besides cellphones and laptops)? 

[29:26] How far away should things with emit EMFs be from us? 

[30:25] Risa explains and shares her thoughts on 5G. 

[36:25] What does 5G have to do with COVID-19? 

[37:30] What you can do to support and protect yourself from EMFs. 

[41:23] About DNALabs. 

[42:48] Risa’s key-performance indicators! 

[45:05] Where to learn more about what Risa is up to! 

[46:19] Thanking Risa for joining the podcast. 

[46:28] About an upcoming training we are doing in collaboration with Dr. Robyn Murphy on genetic testing. 

[48:02] About some of our upcoming exciting episodes! 

Mentioned in This Episode: 

Risa Suzuki 

What the EMF?: How to Protect Your Home from EMF Exposure, Improve Sleep, Reduce Anxiety, and Live a Happier, Healthier Life!, by Risa Suzuki 

Safe and Sound PRO II (EMF Meter) 

Lily Plant 


DNALabs  Enter code Entrepology2020 for 15% off your order! If you’re a practitioner, you can access practitioner pricing by sending a message to! 

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians, by Barbara Marciniak 

More About Risa Suzuki 

Risa Suzuki is a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant, the published author of What the EMF?, and the founder of The Pure Home. She specializes in working with practitioners, coaches, healers, and heart-centered entrepreneurs to create EMF programs in their business to help their clients (and themselves!) to improve sleep quality, have more energy, and reduce chronic and inflammation-related symptoms. 

Risa enjoyed a successful career spanning more than thirty years at Microsoft and knows first-hand the importance of balancing our ever-changing and increasing technologies and our health as she is sensitive to EMF fields herself. 

As a certified Reiki master, natural health advocate, and intuitive, her clients benefit from her wealth of information and experience to create thriving environments. To learn more, visit her website at 

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When you know better, you can do better. In the spirit of this idea, Risa and I would love to know what you will be doing in your own life to reduce your EMF exposure now that we have all learned about its dangers and how we can better protect ourselves. Be sure to follow-up with us on The Entrepology Collective and let us know! 


“Think of EMFs as the invisible forcefield that comes out from anything that is powered by electricity: … your laptop, your cellphone, and also things like your TV, your household appliances, … and powerlines.” — Risa Suzuki 

“There are all these horrible things that EMFs do to your body — even if you don’t feel anything.” — Risa Suzuki 

“When it comes to risk and exposure, it really comes down to, with the EMFs, … it’s: how much is bombarding your body? And then, how long? Like, what’s the exposure time? With EMFs, you want to reduce both of those.” — Risa Suzuki 

“If we could see WiFi right now, we would not be able to see across the room.” — Risa Suzuki 

“There’s not a lot of historical, … mainstream knowledge that EMFs are bad for your health. It’s kind of like the smoking industry, 50 years ago.” — Risa Suzuki 

“If you’re sitting at your desk and you have a big charging station in front of you, move it away from you or unplug it.” — Risa Suzuki