My guest today  Marni Wasserman  is no stranger to the health and wellness world. Her life is rooted in healthy eating, healthy living, and being a healthy mom. And not only is she a nutritionist and chef, but she’s also the co-host of the highly-acclaimed hit podcast, The Ultimate Health Podcast, as well as the brand new podcast, The Ultimate Baby Podcast. She’s also the author of Fermenting for Dummies and Plant-Based Diet For Dummies! 

Marni uses her passion and experience to educate individuals and mommas on how to adopt a real food diet and balanced lifestyle through simple, natural strategies. What you’ll hear in today’s interview are not only the strategies that Marni uses in her own life but the advice she gives to women all over the world. Marni is truly a natural-born entrepreneur. She’s an incredible example of when you put your passion first, your business will naturally follow. She is transparent in how she forms her own health decisions, and that transparency and natural capacity to teach have made her a master educator in the realm of healthy eating, healthy living, and most recently, healthy parenting. I’ve known Marni for many years, I admire her work deeply, and I am so excited for the opportunity to bring this conversation to you all today! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:10] About today’s episode. 

[2:40] Welcoming Marni to the podcast. 

[3:27] Marni shares about her journey as a nutritionist and entrepreneur up to this point in time! 

[7:02] Has Marni always been an entrepreneur? 

[8:30] The magic of the work Marni is putting out into the world as a natural-born entrepreneur. 

[9:30] Marni shares about her new baby girl as well as how having a baby has influenced her entrepreneurial spirit and the work that she does. 

[13:25] Marni speaks about some of the surprises she has encountered since stepping into this new phase of motherhood. 

[14:40] Marni shares how she’s compensating for the lack of sleep she’s experiencing right now with her new baby. 

[16:40] The importance of scheduling in ‘me time.’ 

[17:24] Marni shares about the significant transition she has gone through with her diet. 

[21:30] Marni describes her current diet. 

[23:45] Marni’s thoughts on the dogmatism of diets. 

[28:28] What is the ultimate prenatal diet? 

[30:20] Marni’s go-to prenatal resources and recommendations. 

[30:58] Marni defines natural pregnancy and natural childbirth and why these concepts are so important to her. 

[35:48] Why birth is such a powerful preparer for parenthood. 

[36:18] The three most important shifts and transitions Marni has made in how she lives her life. 

[40:24] Marni’s key performance indicators! 

[42:20] Where to follow-up with Marni online! 

[42:49] About Fullscript. 

[43:15] Food for thought: what motivated your own dietary choices? Was it the science, was it how it felt, was it a prescription from somebody else, was it the government food guide or was it your mom’s way of cooking? And is there an opportunity now to elevate the type of food you’re taking into your system; moving it off of autopilot and into a state of conscious eating? And for those who have been eating a certain way for a long time, would you be willing to challenge your own eating dogma if it meant you would actually feel better? Are you interested in breaking the rules of the diet you are on, in a quest for even better health? Are you sticking to your diet because you identify with it or because it is making you feel your absolute best? Let’s continue this conversation over on The Entrepology Collective! 

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More About Marni Wasserman 

Simply said, Marni Wasserman’s life is rooted in healthy living. She is not only a nutritionist and a chef, but also the co-host of the highly acclaimed hit podcast The Ultimate Health Podcast and the host of the new show, The Ultimate Baby Podcast. Marni uses both passion and experience to educate individuals on how to adopt a wholesome real food diet and a balanced lifestyle through simple strategies. 

As a public speaker and educator, Marni focuses on some key points to help people implement their health goals. She is also the author of Fermenting for Dummies and Plant-Based Diet For Dummies. 

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Podcasts: The Ultimate Health Podcast and The Ultimate Baby Podcast 

Books: Fermenting for Dummies and Plant-Based Diet For Dummies 

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The food choices we make every single day provide an opportunity to reorient our own personal leadership over and over again. And part of leadership is acknowledging when you need to make a change (because there’s rarely one thing that is going to serve you for your entire life). Marni’s journey really speaks to this. We do not need to be dogmatic with our diets; ultimately, it is important to simply do what is best for you and makes you feel your best. 

Marni and I would love to hear about what your current diet looks like and where you see there could be room for improvement. Follow-up with us on The Entrepology Collective and let us know! 


“I’m always keeping myself nourished with good fuel. That’s 100% … why I’m able to function somehow on no sleep with a new baby.” — Marni Wasserman 

“I started to realize that some of the foods I was eating, were irritating to the gut. … And then, when I got the diagnosis that I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, … I realized that these foods were even more of a hindrance to my health.” — Marni Wasserman 

“People need to know why they’re in the camp that they choose. If they’re doing it because they genuinely feel good and that diet is resonating with them, then awesome.” — Marni Wasserman 

“I find that when people are intuitive and know that they’re eating the right way for themselves versus, ‘Oh, I follow so-and-so online and this is what they say to eat.’” — Marni Wasserman 

“Even if things do go a little bit sideways during your pregnancy or during your delivery experience … keep your mindset strong and just be okay with the way that it goes.” — Marni Wasserman