Since April 2020, the employment of women in Canada has dropped by 7%. Over that same period, the employment of men has dropped by 3%. In fact, as we sit here in July of 2020 we are seeing the lowest level of employment of women in over three decades in Canada. 

As you know, this is a podcast about innovation, badassery, health, and entrepreneurship — and I would be remiss if we did not talk about this situation going on in the world right now as it pertains to elevating the voices of women as entrepreneurs and leaders. 

So, on today’s podcast, I am going solo to explore the opportunity we have to create a new future. Let’s start this conversation and be the catalyst for change as we begin to move into a post-pandemic world. 

Key Takeaways: 

[:19] About today’s episode. 

[1:41] The differences between the conversations men and women are having around the pandemic. 

[4:20] How we can test whether a system is truly working well and how this pandemic has provided us with an opportunity. 

[5:25] One of the challenges we are facing right now: balancing our life and our children’s school day. 

[10:57] The glaring disparities within our society that COVID-19 has shed a light on. 

[11:21] The two primary sources of stress I see in adults that I work with, in a clinical context. 

[12:30] My proposition regarding the school system/society issue and how we can provide a better future for our children. 

[15:27] What I’m aspiring for my life and my children’s lives to be like on the other side of COVID-19. 

[16:37] My intention behind this conversation. 

[17:28] What I would love from all of you: let’s carry this conversation forward. This is the future I see for us as female entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders. 

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My intention behind today’s conversation, more than anything, is to begin to drive forward a conversation with all of you. You are all individuals who believe in something bigger and have a capacity for thinking outside of the box. 

Let’s carry this conversation forward over on The Entrepology Collective and elevate the voices of female entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders. 


“There is a huge opportunity coming out of this COVID-19 era for us to look at the world a different way.” — Meghan Walker 

“I would like my life on the other side of COVID-19 to be … new; to be something that we innovate ourselves. To take the elements that we are seeing in society, and that we’ve experienced in our own lives, and use them as guideposts as a new way forward.” — Meghan Walker 

“Now is our time as entrepreneurs. Now is our time to drive a conversation where we are solution-oriented; where we take the, ‘Yeah, buts,’ and the reasons why it can’t be done and we help people find new ways forward.” — Meghan Walker 

“We need entrepreneurial, innovating women, we need women who are open to listening to everyone’s voice and perspective. We need them to be a part of this new conversation so that we can all build something more incredible tomorrow than we had yesterday.” — Meghan Walker