There is one of two things that happen when you come out of your doctor’s office and are given a diagnosis. You can either, a) blindly follow their suggestions and mindlessly take the prescribed medication for your aches and pain or, b) you can sit back and ask yourself the most empowering question possible: 

“What is it that I can actually do to actively move the needle on my own health?” 

My guest today, Bonnie Flemington, is a holistic nutritionist and a passionate advocate for the management of osteoarthritis — she is also someone who has had to deal with this same question for herself. With her years of experience as a holistic nutritionist, Bonnie has so much practical advice as to how we can decrease inflammation, manage chronic disease, and best of all: do it all from within our own homes while simultaneously managing a busy lifestyle as entrepreneurs or go-getters. 

In this episode, you will learn Bonnie’s five hacks for decreasing the burden of inflammation in your system, how you can begin to shift your lifestyle and diet to decrease inflammation and pain, her go-to tips for staying on a healthy diet (even if you hate to cook), and the biggest lessons she has learned when it comes to managing a chronic condition and taking control of her health. 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:12] About today’s episode. 

[2:27] Welcoming Bonnie to the podcast! 

[2:53] Bonnie shares her background and why she is so uniquely positioned to talk about taking your health into your own hands. 

[4:31] Bonnie paints a picture of what her diet and lifestyle looked like prior to the changes she made. 

[5:43] The most profound shift Bonnie made in how she was eating on a daily basis. 

[6:08] The link between sugar and inflammation, pain, and aging. 

[7:34] Bonnie shares about the changes she noticed in her body once she made the shift in her diet. 

[8:23] When do most of Bonnie’s clients begin to seek out her help with regards to shifting their lifestyle and diet? 

[9:33] How Bonnie approaches the lifestyle and diet conversation with her clients to meet them where they’re at. 

[11:10] Five things you can do right now to decrease the burden of inflammation in your system! 

[11:57] Bonnie shares her hacks for increasing your hydration intake. 

[14:00] What are some of Bonnie’s non-negotiables when it comes to her clients? 

[15:10] Bonnie’s non-negotiables in her own life. 

[16:55] My diet non-negotiables. 

[17:50] Bonnie’s tips for preparing vegetables and keeping a healthy, clean diet interesting. 

[10:17] Bonnie’s favorite resources for eating a healthy, balanced diet. 

[21:20] Bonnie’s suggestions for those who do not or will not cook. 

[21:45] Go-to tips for staying on a healthy diet when you are traveling. 

[22:21] High-protein, nutrient-dense foods for your children that will be safe for school. 

[24:18] Bonnie shares the biggest lesson she has learned when it comes to managing a chronic condition and taking control of her health. 

[25:18] About Badass Fuel! 

[26:25] Bonnie’s key-performance indicators. 

[29:24] Where to learn more about what Bonnie is up to! 

Mentioned in This Episode: 

Bonnie Flemington 

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“Water: How Much Do I Need?” by Bonnie Flemington 

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A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles,” by Marianne Williamson 

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More About Bonnie Flemington 

Bonnie is a Certified Nutritionist and speaker. She works privately with clients and is an engaging speaker and educator in the nutrition field. Bonnie specializes in solutions for joint pain and arthritis, which include addressing inflammation, digestion, and weight management. She uses a holistic approach including symptoms analysis and habit change coaching to get her clients on the most direct path to feeling their best. Connect with Bonnie for your free 20-minute nutrition SOS call so she can learn about your goals and what you’ve tried so far, and provide you with advice on your next best step. 

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In this episode, Bonnie shared five great hacks that you can do, starting today, to decrease inflammation in your body: reduce the sugar in your diet (including refined carbohydrates), reduce fried foods, reduce processed meats, increase your hydration, and increase your fruit and vegetable intake. We’re challenging you this week to make a commitment towards pushing the needle forward on your health by incorporating at least one hack on the ‘reduce’ side and one on the ‘increase’ side. Let us know how it goes by following up with us on The Entrepology Collective — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“It is really important to just step back and look at how you want to show up in your life.” — Bonnie Flemington 

“Increase your hydration and increase your fruit and vegetable intake.” — Bonnie Flemington 

“I actually thought I was eating perfectly healthy … I had dessert every night but I thought … after a meal that had some vegetables it was perfectly fine. … All of those things really added up, making their way into my diet regularly.” — Bonnie Flemington 

“Sugar impacts your blood sugar, which impacts your energy. It also drives inflammation and it really can contribute to those aches and pains as we start to get a little older. … But it really doesn’t need to be something that we accept.” — Bonnie Flemington 

“It can be really effective to just take people where they are at in terms of what their current habits and routines are and just make some shifts … so it’s not a huge overhaul.” — Bonnie Flemington