Today’s guest, Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken, is a Naturopathic Doctor who focuses almost exclusively on the management of anxiety. This notion of anxiety is not only something that is completely relevant (considering everything going on in the world right now), but it’s also, in particular, extremely topical within the entrepreneurial population as it is one of the most pervasive symptoms that we encounter. Seriously, it doesn’t matter whether you’re starting your own business, scaling, or thinking about leaving your job; anxiety is something that will impact us to varying degrees at all kinds of different points in our life. 

Katie does a seriously fabulous job in today’s episode with breaking down some of the simple things that we can do to reduce anxiety in our lives. She shares how we can maximize our habits so that we get more days spent in a calm state rather than in an anxious one, the five foundational pieces that we can put in place in order to make leaps and bounds in overcoming our anxiety, and also addresses the topic of remedying anxiety with vs. without medication. 

If you want to know how anxiety shows up in the body, what causes it, and what we can do as individuals in our own life to have less anxious days — be sure to stay tuned in! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:16] About today’s episode with Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken. 

[2:43] Welcoming Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken to the podcast. 

[4:45] Katie provides a background on who she is, how she came to be a naturopathic doctor, and why she became so passionate about educating about anxiety. 

[7:09] Katie defines what anxiety is. 

[9:10] Katie elaborates on what is happening physiologically with regard to anxiety disorders. 

[11:17] How to differentiate where your anxiety is coming from on a causation level. 

[15:30] The pillars of performance: the five foundational pieces that everyone can have in place in order to start to overcome anxiety. 

[16:57] How to put these five foundational pieces into practice in your day-to-day life. 

[18:05] Where does medication come into play with anxiety? 

[19:27] Katie’s top tips for how to start managing anxiety on your own at home, starting today! 

[21:12] How Katie recommends getting started with meditation to manage your anxiety. 

[22:10] Why meditation is so incredibly powerful for high achievers in managing anxiety. 

[25:07] Is it possible to remedy anxiety without meditation? 

[26:44] The important roles that mindfulness plays in overcoming anxiety. 

[27:51] Katie shares ‘the baby carrots count approach’ in terms of how we can approach lifestyle medicine in terms of healing ourselves (and in particular, our anxiety). 

[30:38] The different stress response types when it comes to anxiety. 

[33:54] Quick wins we can make when it comes to our anxiety. 

[38:32] Cannabis; a potential treatment for anxiety? 

[42:14] About Badass Fuel! 

[43:21] Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken’s KPIs! 

[46:08] Where to learn more about Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken and where to find her new book! 

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Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken — — Find out about your anxiety type! 

Create Calm: The Professionals Guide to Overcoming Anxietyby Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken ND 

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More About Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken 

Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken ND is a mental wellness advocate, author of Create Calm, and founder of the Tranquil Minds Program for professionals with anxiety. Katie believes that when times get tough, returning to our foundations is the most powerful thing we can do for our health. Her clinical practice is focused on the treatment of anxiety and optimizing her patients’ mental health through lifestyle medicine. When she is not working, you can find Katie in her kitchen, cooking and singing Disney duets with her four-year-old daughter. 

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Are you feeling stuck with anxiety? Is it impacting your life and the way you function day-to-day? Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken recommends taking your first step as identifying how your anxiety is showing up in your body, and from there, you identifying your anxiety type. If you’re unsure, hop on over to to identify what your type may be! 

And be sure to follow up with us on The Entrepology Collective by letting us know how you will be putting her five key pillars of performance in place (nutrition, sleep, exercise, mindfulness, and connection) to better manage your anxiety! 


“Anxiety, as a feeling, is a universal, human emotion. Everyone experiences anxiety and it’s designed to keep us safe. … The problem comes when we get stuck in that feeling.” — Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken 

“For all of my patients, we’re looking at their lifestyle first and foremost to understand which factors are contributing to feeling calm, stable, and balanced through their day and which areas in their life are making their anxiety worse.” — Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken 

“The first thing that I recommend that everyone does is assess their tranquil toolkit. And what that looks like is taking an inventory of everything that you are doing for yourself … and your health and putting it out on a list.” — Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken 

“With anxiety, we have perfectionism. … Many people aren’t following their meditation plan or exercise plan  or they’re not eating vegetables because they can’t do it perfectly. … But any little bit makes a difference.” — Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken 

“There is so much loneliness in the world in general but also … with people who are feeling anxiety. It makes it hard to reach out [but] it’s so important that people do that. … If there was one thing [I recommend], it would be to call a friend.” — Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken