My guest today, Mary Hyatt, is a life and business coach. She helps her clients become awake to their feelings; aware of their thoughts, patterns, and habits; anchored in feeling confident in who they are; and aligned with identifying their voice and desires. 

What I loved most about the conversation Mary and I had today were her teachings and insights around how we, as women, can harness the power of our emotions in the work that we do as parents, entrepreneurs, and go-getters in this world. Mary shows through the work that she does that we do not need to numb out, suppress, or deny our emotions in order to work harder, better, or more efficiently. The real power comes from harnessing our emotions and leveraging them in what we do. 

In this episode, Mary shares her personal journey with understanding her emotions and the beautiful transformation she experienced once she understood and acknowledged her emotions and how they showed up in her body. She shares how we can tap into our emotional body, how we can understand and recognize the warning signs before getting to a place of burnout, how we can begin to cultivate self-awareness around checking in with ourselves and our emotions, and how we can learn how to become truly present and true to ourselves. 

Mary’s words are profound and her insight is incredible. It is truly my pleasure to introduce you all to Mary Hyatt! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:08] About today’s episode! 

[1:54] Welcoming Mary Hyatt to the podcast! 

[2:34] Mary shares her story and how she got to this place in her career. 

[8:38] The first steps for taking radical responsibility in your life. 

[12:30] What happened to Mary’s physical and emotional manifestations when she started to own where she was at and engage in a pathway that was more empowering to her? 

[16:30] The profound shift you can experience both physically, emotionally, mentally, and beyond, when you gain control of managing your mindset and state of emotion. Mary also speaks about science and history behind our emotions being connected to the body. 

[19:47] Mary shares why she thinks some people are afraid of experiencing the full spectrum of emotions that we all experience as humans. She also shares how we can begin to expand our emotional vocabulary and become more in tune with it. 

[25:02] Mary speaks about how giving people back control and vocabulary over their emotions is a significant part of her work as a life and business coach. She also shares about the direct correlation between burnout and disconnection from emotions that she often sees amongst the female entrepreneurs that she works with. 

[27:10] What Mary teaches her clients to help them become more present with themselves, their emotions, and what they need. 

[29:15] “Feeling nothing does not mean feeling better.” Your power lies in the acknowledgment of your feelings, not the removal of them. 

[30:05] What would Mary say to those whose coping mechanism is to suppress their feelings? 

[34:47] About DNA Labs. 

[36:06] Mary’s key performance indicators! 

[39:21] Where to learn more about Mary and the work she’s putting into the world! 

Mentioned in This Episode: 

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Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything, by Geneen Roth 

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Mary’s Instagram: @MaryGHyatt 

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More About Mary Hyatt 

Mary Hyatt is a life and business mindset coach who specializes in helping high-achieving female entrepreneurs move from living a life of burnout to a life where they are connected to their emotions, their body, and their spirit. She helps bring her one-on-one and group coaching clients back to their enoughness, wholeness, and femininity. 

Mary is the host of the Living Fully Alive podcast that airs weekly where she dives deeper into the mindset and helps her listeners learn to embody a life fully lived. 

She is also a Top Earner with doTERRA Essential Oils, helping teach women how to support their bodies and emotions holistically. 

As a trained Hypnotherapist and Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Mary brings a level of consciousness and soul focused inner work to everything she does. 

You can find her on Instagram at @Maryghyatt or her website 

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Social Media: Instagram: @MaryGHyatt Facebook: @MaryGraceHyatt & LinkedIn: @MaryGraceHyatt 

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Experiencing the full spectrum of emotions is part of the human experience. We are more empowered when we can accept and understand our emotions rather than deny them or numb ourselves out. A key tool in taking the first steps to better understanding our emotions is to expand our emotional vocabulary. We are more than just ‘sad,’ ‘happy,’ or ‘mad.’ Mary and I would love for all of you to try and expand your emotional vocabulary by spending time reflecting on the nuances of the emotions you feel throughout your day and journaling them down. Take the time to identify their complexities and acknowledge their existence. And be sure to let us know how this exercise goes for you by following up with us on The Entrepology Collective — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“I really got to the point where I had to answer the question: Who am I really? Like, if I wasn’t playing by the rules that my family or society was giving me … who am I really? ” — Mary Hyatt 

“At that moment, when I created that commitment between myself and myself … that’s when everything started to shift and change.” — Mary Hyatt 

“There is so much beauty when we can say … ‘Yes, this is hard. Yes, this is agonizing. Yes, this is unfair.’ … And ‘I can also choose how I respond to that and choose how I interpret that in a way that is empowering to myself vs. disempowering.’” — Mary Hyatt 

“Once I got that concept of like, ‘Oh, I’m in control of the narrative here. I’m in control of how I’m writing the story of my life,’ I realized I don’t want to be the victim of my own story.” — Mary Hyatt 

“I changed my language. I changed how I was defining who I am. And the beautiful thing is that my body healed.” — Mary Hyatt 

“Our emotions are a really helpful lighthouse to … know when we’re in flow; when we’re in alignment with what it is that we’re here to do vs. being a place of obligation … force, and … hustle.” — Mary Hyatt 

“If you’re disconnected from your emotions, you’ll find yourself in burnout.” — Mary Hyatt 

“This isn’t about getting to a place of perfection where we’re not feeling any pain or … where nothing affects us. … It’s actually the opposite; it’s being willing to hold space for all of the emotions and seeing the gift in all of them.” — Mary Hyatt