The story of my guest today is so compelling and such a beautiful example of how our bodies have the capacity to not only heal physically but heal us on an emotional level as well. 

When Amanda Campbell was in her 20s, she had found herself in a hospital bed nearly crippled with multiple sclerosis. Having arrived at that state, she recognized that she had spent the few years previous in denial of her symptoms and the messages that were coming through her body. 

In this episode, Amanda shares with us the shift in mindset that she had and how she got there, how to access your resilience (regardless of facing adversity), and how she’s been able to leverage these two pieces (mindset plus resilience) in moving forward to build a successful business and help other people overcome difficult situations to live their lives on their terms. 

It was truly a pleasure having this conversation and I cannot wait for you all to learn more about resilience, how a flexible mindset impacts everything that matters (from our body’s ability to repair to how happy and resilient we are to how connected we feel), and how we can live a balanced life that allows for incredible health and growth both physically and mentally. 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:30] About today’s episode. 

[2:35] Welcoming Amanda Campbell to the podcast! 

[3:05] Amanda shares her beautiful story and the compelling turn of events with her health and the work that she is now doing in the world. 

[14:29] Amanda speaks about what shifted in her beliefs as a result of what she went through. 

[16:48] The evolution of how Amanda has come to view the role of her body as a communicator and partner in the work that she does in this world. She also speaks about the evolution of her mindset and the respect she has for her body. 

[19:39] How the concept of resilience has penetrated the work that Amanda does when she’s helping other people with respect to their health. 

[21:16] Amanda shares her formula for resilience. 

[24:25] Is it possible for us to develop resilience and to refine the skills of resilience without necessarily facing adversity? 

[26:30] How do we, as parents, instill resilience in our children without putting them through trauma? Is resilience a gift to those who have gone through adversity? How do we make it accessible? 

[28:44] How going through adversity has impacted Amanda as a business person as well as accelerate her growth and the work that she’s currently doing in the world. 

[31:20] What does Amanda do for self-care now so that she stays mindful of health? 

[35:22] When Amanda is working with a client that is going through both physical and emotional ailments, where does she start? Is it always the same place? Or does she prioritize one over the other? 

[36:17] About Fullscript. 

[37:35] Amanda’s key performance indicators! 

[40:29] Where to find more about Amanda and the amazing work that she does! 

[40:58] Thanking Amanda for joining the podcast! 

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More About Amanda Campbell 

As the founder of Bend Like Bamboo, Amanda is one of Australia’s leading experts on resilience, running a leadership program with quarterly exposure to some of the fresh thinking and novel insights into the world of resilience. 

Amanda believes that flexibility builds resilience. Overcoming adversity, Amanda discovered that a flexible mindset impacts everything that matters — our body’s ability to repair, how happy and resilient we are, and how connected we feel. 

 “How we think and feel and believe is a mirror image of how we perceive our environment, how we will show up when tested, and the health of our body.” — Amanda Campbell 

With a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis at age 24 and a paralysis at just 29 years old, Amanda was faced with never walking again. She was stretched to her limit, emotionally and physically. With no choice but to succeed and the odds stacked against her, Amanda had to change her mind about what could be possible to create new results. 

 Embracing a balanced approach, Amanda had to embrace uncertainty and change to discover what she was made of. Learning how to walk and run again led to her transforming her mind, body, and life. Now a decade on, Amanda’s passion is to inspire others to embrace their obstacles as an opportunity to awaken their potential whilst maximizing health. 

Amanda truly believes when given the right environment, the mind and body are capable of producing incredible results. Amanda founded her private practice Bend Like Bamboo in 2013. A year later she co-founded her second startup Nourissh that received funding from VinoMofo with a focus on nutrition. As a proud MS Ambassador, Amanda has built a career speaking about resilience, promoting wellbeing, and potential. 

Connect with my Guest: 


Social Media: Facebook: @AmandaCampbellSpeaker & @BendLikeBambooInstagram: @AmandaCampbell_Speaker & @BendLikeBamboo, and Twitter: @AmandaC_Health 

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There is no time like the present to reflect on your life and the ways in which we can begin to shift our mindsets to allow for a healthier us. I would love for you to take a look at Amanda’s formula for resilience once more and see if you can apply it to your own life and use it as a tool for growth. 

Anchor – Letting Go + Flexibility = Resilience 

Let us know how it goes and follow up with us on The Entrepology Collective — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“The resilience required to get through hard stuff in life is what allows us to become the people [that can] invite in what we are really wanting in our lives and to reimagine what’s possible.” — Amanda Campbell 

“What we believe is a mirror image of the biochemistry we fire in our bodies … how we perceive stress … how we process our emotions, and how we show up in the world.”  

— Amanda Campbell 

“It’s when everything becomes dark … [that] you find your light and what you’re truly capable of.” — Amanda Campbell 

“My formula for resilience is: anchor – letting go + flexibility = resilience.” — Amanda Campbell 

“Whatever leaves your life… comes back x10 like a tidal wave [so] don’t worry if you feel like you’ve lost everything right now. Just keep doing the work and [know that] what is supposed to come back into your life absolutely will.” — Amanda Campbell