This episode was really fun to record because I had the opportunity to interview a good friend of mine, Dr. Robyn Murphy! What we unpacked in this episode is, what I really believe, is going to be the new frontier of health and medicine. 

This new frontier I’m talking about is this idea of ‘precision medicine’ and individualized medicine. When I first started my career, that meant that we listened to the individualized stories, symptoms, and experiences of our patients to craft a unique approach to their health. Nowadays, however, this idea of individualized care and precision medicine means that we’re able to look at the blueprint of your health; your actual DNA, to be able to understand how we can craft something that not only incorporates your life stories but enables us to address your health in a manner we never thought was possible. 

Dr. Robin Murphy is truly an expert at dissecting the intersection between genetics and lifestyle medicine. As the Scientific Advisor for DNA Labs — a Toronto-based genetic company that does lifestyle genetic testing as well as pharmacogenetic testing — there is no better guest than Dr. Murphy to discuss this concept of individualized care and unpack how it is going to directly impact the lives of our patients. 

Key Takeaways: 

[:47] About today’s guest, Robyn Murphy! 

[2:05] Welcoming Dr. Murphy to the podcast! 

[2:39] Robyn sets the stage by sharing her story and what makes her uniquely qualified to talk about precision medicine and individualized care. 

[4:11] Robyn shares the history of how genetic testing has been used in medicine. 

[6:40] Robyn provides context on why genetic testing is so incredibly important — but it also isn’t the ‘end-all, be-all.’ 

[11:18] Why learning about these lifestyle genetics is so empowering in terms of taking control of your health. 

[12:18] Robyn highlights the categories of genetic markers that are most commonly examined. 

[14:27] Why it’s so crucial to work with a strategist to be able to dissect this information. Robyn shares how she clinically leverages this data to build out a unique lifestyle prescription for patients. 

[17:38] When prescribing a patient a diet or lifestyle that is based on their genes, are they expected to adhere to it for the rest of their life? 

[19:44] Robyn explains what epigenetics is all about. 

[23:42] Robyn speaks about some of the research around the genetic understanding of mental health. 

[29:42] Robyn provides her thoughts on pharmacogenomics. 

[33:03] Robyn shares what genetic testing actually looks like in practice as well as the privacy laws around it. 

[35:31] How to actually get this genetic testing done. 

[37:47] About the masterclass Robyn and I are offering for clinicians! 

[40:06] About DNAlabs.ca 

[41:32] Robyn’s key performance indicators! 

[44:27] Where to learn more about Robyn and the work she is doing with DNAlabs! 

[44:48] Thanking Dr. Robyn Murphy for joining The Entrepology Podcast! 

[45:00] About The Entrepology Podcast’s newest offerings. 

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“Mastering Your Business & Personalized Protocols with Genetic Testing” Masterclass (Sept 24th) 

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More About Robyn Murphy 

Dr. Murphy graduated with a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto, and since the inception of her medical career, has worked alongside medical geneticists to co-develop lifestyle genetic panels for clinical application. She is the Scientific Advisor for DNA Labs Canada, has multiple publications in medical journals, and is a public speaker who is immensely passionate about educating both healthcare professionals and the public about integrative medicine. This passion extends into her practice, which integrates advanced functional testing to address the underlying facets of disease and collaborate with patients to optimize their digestion, brain, and hormones to help them reach their peak performance. 

Connect with my Guest: 

Websites: DrRobynMurphy.com and DNAlabs.ca 

Social Media: Facebook @DrRobynMurphyInstagram @DrRobynMurphyFacebook @DNAlabs.ca, and Instagram @DNAlabs_ca 

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Robyn and I would love for you to register for our masterclass on September 24th at 3 pm EST! As clinicians, it is important that we stay ahead of the curve and in-line with where medicine is going. To assist you in this, we’ve created a special masterclass that is centered around mastering your business and personalized protocols with genetic testing. Let us know what your key takeaways were from this episode and what you’re looking forward to learning in the masterclass by following up with us on The Entrepology Collective — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“When we talk about personalized medicine, it’s about being predictive and being precise as well as having the patient participate in the decisions which empower them to change their health.” — Robyn Murphy 

“When we provide a treatment, it is not the ‘end-all, be-all.’ There are things in the environment, as we age, maybe stressors in our life, and maybe changes in our dietary regime. … So there is no one protocol for the rest of your life.” — Robyn Murphy 

“Epigenetics refers to actual chemical tags that are put onto the DNA itself. And these chemical tags are in response to the environment.” — Robyn Murphy 

“I don’t think genetic testing should be daunting to clinicians. I think this is really exciting and it can really put you ahead of the curve and in line with where medicine is going.” — Robyn Murphy