My guest today is Amanda Daley, a leading health coach and business mentor to women in the health and wellness space. With nearly 20 years in online marketing, Amanda has earned recognition by the world’s top advertising awards. And since stepping away from the corporate grind to combine her two superpowers  healing and marketing — in a unique business mentoring approach, she has built a seven-figure online coaching business that has served thousands of new entrepreneurs worldwide! Amanda is driven by a dream of shifting the way the world values health and supporting women to step into their empowered leadership as healthy, wealthy entrepreneurs. 

In our conversation today, we really focus in on these themes of money, wealth consciousness, and the self-work involved in unpacking and understanding what is required for wealth acquisition in our lives. Amanda shares what led to her own business growth, important tweaks we can make in our own money mindsets, how we can become more comfortable unpacking these pieces, and how masculine and feminine energies play a large part in how we think about the giving and receiving of money. Amanda has some incredible insights to share with you all to get you thinking about how your beliefs around money may be impacting not only your health… but also your business! This is a not-to-miss episode no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey! 

Key Takeaways: 

[:55] About today’s interview with Amanda Daley! 

[2:33] Welcoming Amanda to the podcast! 

[3:00] Amanda shares with us all who she is, what she does, and how she got here! 

[5:40] When Amanda was having success early on in her business, did she realize that that was a bit of anomaly within the industry? 

[7:10] What was the switch that led to all the pieces clicking and her business taking off? 

[8:52] What does ‘money mindset’ mean? And how can we become more comfortable talking about money and unpacking the mindset pieces around it? 

[13:04] Does Amanda find that challenging money mindsets is more pervasive in the health and wellness space than in other entrepreneurial groups? 

[18:50] Masculine vs. feminine energy as it pertains to the giving and receiving of money. Amanda also compares and contrasts both and shares her experiences of attracting certain outcomes by working in either energy. 

[28:55] About Fullscript, your solution for connecting with patients and dispensing supplements all from one platform! 

[30:12] Amanda’s key performance indicators! 

[32:37] Where to find Amanda online! 

[33:07] About our current Entrepology offerings! 

[34:32] More about our sponsor, Fullscript. 

Mentioned in This Episode: 

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Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic, by Mike Dooley 

The Secret (2006 film) 


Untamed, by Glennon Doyle — Visit Amanda’s website for some free goodies exclusively for Entrepology listeners! 

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More About Amanda Daley 

Amanda Jane Daley is a leading Business Mentor for Health Coaches worldwide. 

Renowned for her marketing expertise (with over 19 years of experience!) Amanda has earned recognition by the world’s top advertising awards and has built her own seven-figure coaching business in under five years. 

Founder of the successful health coaching biz ‘Fuel Urban Wellness,’ Amanda combines her business and coaching savvy to mentor other health coaches to start their businesses and learn to make $5K-plus per month — and has been dubbed the ‘leading expert’ for Health Coaches who desire a heart-fueled business and a freedom-based lifestyle. 

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“Sometimes the biggest gift people can give is investing in themselves.” — Amanda Daley 

“There’s a healthy and an unhealthy masculine and feminine.” — Amanda Daley 

“As women and probably society, I believe we are unraveling and dismantling a lot about unhealthy masculine things. So, believing that we have to ‘burn out’ is not true. Our bodies are supposed to be highly fueled to be in the lighter energies.” — Amanda Daley 

“I think that … the healthy feminine has become popular in the last few years but what we don’t talk about a lot is the healthy masculine.” — Amanda Daley 

“You can’t have one without the other.  We actually need to have the relationship of both the masculine and feminine in a healthy state.” — Amanda Daley