Continuing our mini mindset series, I want to focus on the all-important and extremely relevant topic that is ‘overwhelm.’ As soon as we went into lockdown, a lot of us thought we would have more time to begin working overtime. But for many of us, that idea soon came crashing down just days or weeks later. We may have had the best of intentions going into it all, but now things are beginning to spiral out of control with too many goals and projects to balance. 

So on this theme of overwhelm, what I really want to talk about today are some of the key strategies we can implement to manage it. I’ll be sharing some of the strategies that I use in order to keep myself on track, strategies that many of my mindset students use to keep themselves on track, as well as some of the strategies that entrepreneurs that I look up to are using. I also address the question of when to know when to hire someone to help (or when you should begin to hand off some tasks!) 

Key Takeaways: 

[:57] About today’s episode! 

[1:56] About our newest product launch from Clinician Business Labs: the Virtual Practice Tool Kit. 

[4:03] What I want to address today and why the topic is so critical to consider right now. 

[4:43] The first important note: everyone has different tactics when it comes to combatting overwhelm. 

[5:31] The first step I take when I catch myself in a state of overwhelm. 

[6:47] What I would like you to keep in mind as you listen to this episode. 

[7:43] The first few key questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to overwhelm and your business. 

[10:06] The first key question: What is the outcome you’re trying to achieve? 

[11:40] The second key question: What timeline are we using for this execution? 

[12:40] The third key question: What action do you need to take related to this project or outcome? 

[13:39] The fourth question you really need to have clarity around: What order do you need to do all of these pieces in? 

[15:18] An additional question you could ask yourself: Is there a way to make it easier? 

[16:29] What to do once you know your answers to all of these questions. 

[17:27] Key strategies that can help with the overall execution of your project or goals. 

[19:48] What my most successful and productive days look like. 

[24:05] How to begin taking action today with the Entrepology Time System and how to know when you should be delegating certain tasks to others. 

[27:09] What I want you to do for the next week! 

[27:33] About next week’s episode and our current Entrepology offerings! 

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Clinician Business Labs: The Virtual Practice Tool Kit 

A Happy Pocket Full of Money, Expanded Study Edition: Infinite Wealth and Abundance in the Here and Now, by David Cameron Gikandi 


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“What outcome are you after? What timeline does it have to be executed upon? What action do you need to take? What order does this project need to be initiated in? What tasks can you hand off? And is there a way to make it easier?” These are all of the key questions I want you to be asking yourself following today’s episode to eliminate your overwhelm! For this week’s ‘call to action’ I’d love for you to take the time to answer these questions and try the Entrepology Time System too! 

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“When you’re really clear about what your end goal is … you can really start to understand whether or not it’s important.” — Meghan Walker 

“By asking the question, ‘Is there a way to make this easier?’ Every single time my answer has been, ‘Yes.’” — Meghan Walker 

“The fastest way for me to avoid overwhelm has been to address the question: is there a way to make this easier? Am I making this way more complicated than it needs to be?” — Meghan Walker 

“The more specific and the more clarity you can bring to your goals, the easier it is going to be for you to execute upon them.” — Meghan Walker 

“I find having my schedule blocked out is not only a really critical tool for communicating with my team, but it’s a critical tool for me having boundaries with respect to my own time.” — Meghan Walker