It’s been a while since I’ve last sat down to do a solo episode. And I don’t know about you, but the world has been a little bit of a crazy place lately! 

So, what I want to do for today’s episode is to explore some of the key elements that are rising to the surface to me right now. This episode will be the first in a miniseries of three episodes where I explore some key ideas around mindset. 

In this episode, in particular, we’re going to be taking a look at this notion of fighting for limitations. I’m going to be sharing what I’ve personally observed around this as well as how to really triage whether or not we’re stuck in a state of standing up for what we are wanting out of life or… if we’re actually caught in a state of paralysis. Ultimately, I want to help you enable a reorientation of the options that are available to you right now — both personally and for your business! 

Key Takeaways: 

[:40] About today’s solo episode (the first in a three-part series)! 

[2:41] What we’ll be talking about in the future episodes of this mini mindset series. 

[4:13] Unpacking this idea of ‘fighting for limitations’ and the few camps of people I’ve observed in the last several weeks. 

[5:55] The interesting transition I’ve seen when it comes to people’s businesses. 

[7:06] What happens when we fight for our limitations and what I mean by “work in this world that is of service.” 

[8:30] How I know if my work is ‘working’ for me. 

[9:38] The three criteria to know your business is working for you. 

[10:38] The two questions I want you to ask right now about your business. 

[12:00] A third question you could ask about your business to carry on with the work that you’re doing. 

[12:28] Are you fighting for your limitations? Here’s how to know. 

[13:47] Where we are right now and where we need to go. 

[15:13] If this idea is resonating with you, here’s what I am encouraging you to do. 

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Often, the train that has carried us successfully to this point is not the train that’s going to carry us across the finish line. Knowing this, there are three key questions I want you to ask yourself as you stand in this train station: ‘Was it working before?’ ‘Will it work in the future?’ and ‘Can it be better?’ Let me know your answers to these questions by following up with us on The Entrepology Collective — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“How I define whether or not my work is ‘working’ for me is that it actually energizes me. … And if I’m able to find that, you’re able to find that too.” — Meghan Walker 

“Regardless of your sentiment around money… you need your business and you need your work in this world to actually provide you with income.” — Meghan Walker 

“When we start to fight for our limitations, what we’re usually fighting for are our beliefs. And the fastest way to shift our beliefs is to make a new decision.” — Meghan Walker 

“Often, the train that has carried us successfully to this point … is not … the train that’s going to carry us across the finish line.” — Meghan Walker 

“The questions to ask yourself as you are standing in this train station … full of opportunities and new journeys … are: ‘Was it working before?’ ‘Will it work in the future?’ and ‘Can it be better?’” — Meghan Walker