It is an interesting time right now. And if ever we needed to call on our inner alter ego of badassness… this is the time to do it! 

My guest today is Alison Taylor. She is the co-founder of the Jane app, an electronic health record platform and application out of Vancouver. Alison and I have known each other for a number of years and when we booked this podcast several weeks ago, we were not in the midst of managing COVID-19. Over the last several weeks, there has been a tremendous shift in our industry as healthcare providers and her need to transition and pivot rapidly as a business owner. 

This episode is not about health or technology — it’s about opportunity. It’s about the chance that we all have as entrepreneurs to step into a higher role and the requirements and necessities that need to be in place in order for that to happen. 

Alison is a seasoned entrepreneur. She thinks strategically and that’s been a part of her success. But the message that she shares today is so relatable to so many of us! It is truly my pleasure to introduce Alison Taylor to you all today! 

Key Takeaways: 

[:55] About today’s episode and guest! 

[2:10] Welcoming Alison Taylor to the podcast! 

[2:58] Alison introduces herself and her background in healthcare. 

[5:10] Has Alison always been an entrepreneur? 

[6:08] Alison shares what she greatly attributes to being able to bring so many people to her business when she first launched. 

[9:08] Alison highlights the consistent character traits she sees in others who are successful in their business. She also shares some of the key lessons she has learned from her businesses. 

[14:25] Has Alison ever gone back on decisions she’s made regarding the business? 

[14:51] Alison shares how she has been transitioning and pivoting as a business owner during COVID-19. 

[15:53] Alison gives some advice to small business owners and those whose livelihoods have been completely rocked right now. 

[19:15] Alison shares what they’ve been offering at Jane for the last week, as well as what it took to be able to step up as a team and make it all happen so quickly. 

[22:09] Alison shares her predictions on where she sees businesses (and healthcare, in general) heading in terms of bridging this gap between online and in-person during and post-COVID-19. 

[27:27] Congratulating Alison and her team for all the incredible work they’ve been doing to help others! 

[29:58] Alison elaborates on the importance of building strong relationships with your customer base. 

[31:01] Alison’s key performance indicators! 

[35:23] Where to learn more about Alison and Jane app! 

[36:03] About the most recent Entrepology offerings! 

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More About Alison Taylor 

Ali opened a multi-disciplinary healthcare clinic called Canopy in 2011 but couldn’t find a software that would work for her various practitioners. She needed flexibility and brand control as she built a practice from scratch. Jane was created to solve this problem and is now being used not only at Canopy but also by over 10,000 clinics all around the world! 

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Website: Jane.App 

Social Media: @JaneRunsClinics on Twitter & @JaneRunsClinics on Instagram 

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We want to know how you have been transitioning and pivoting your business or practice as an entrepreneur during these trying times! And what were some of your favorite pieces of advice that Alison shared with you today? How will you be implementing them going forward? Follow up with us on The Entrepology Collective — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“Those who are successful in their businesses are unapologetic about their business being a business as well as a practice.” — Alison Taylor 

“If you don’t understand the reason behind something, you can’t really talk about it authentically.” — Alison Taylor 

“Small steps do get you somewhere even though they’re small.” — Alison Taylor 

“Luck is only there if you’ve done the work as well.” — Alison Taylor 

“Everything that you’re doing at every point in your business is contributing to a moment in the future that you might need it.” — Alison Taylor 

“Hard work does create things that appear lucky to people.” — Alison Taylor