In this episode, we are trying something entirely new! We recorded this episode live and online to an audience of listeners! It was a super fun, unique experience and I hope you’ll enjoy this episode as much I had recording it. 

My guest today is Chris Smith. We have been crossing paths for years now but I’ve only recently had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with him — which I’m super excited about! Chris’ company, The Campfire Effect, works with a lot of practitioners and entrepreneurs to help them delve into the story of who they are and how that transfers into the work that they do and their brand. 

Chris shares so many valuable insights in today’s episode related to messaging, identity, and story. He explains the importance of powerful story messaging, why creating a story is more than just a tagline, and how you can share your story in an authentic way amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

“If you really have the courage to take a stand for your story, your story can be the greatest thing you have to influence your mission, your message, and your movement to create the kind of income and impact you’re capable of.” — Chris Smith 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:11] About today’s unique episode with my guest, Chris Smith. 

[2:44] Welcoming Chris on to The Entrepology Podcast! 

[2:58] Chris tells the story of who he is and about the powerful work that he is doing out in the world. 

[4:58] What does it mean to Chris to have a family brand? 

[10:37] How Chris is helping individuals, families, and organizations navigate these uncertain times. 

[12:30] What does it mean to step up and lead in these uncertain times? Chris provides his perspective on how we can tap into our calling as well as overcome the difficulties we may be facing due to all this uncertainty. 

[17:14] Why it is so valuable to share our authentic story to make a true connection with our audience. 

[19:56] How should we be telling our story right now amid the coronavirus pandemic? 

[25:16] Chris and I share what we’re getting up to later this week. 

[26:25] Chris’s key performance indicators! 

[29:41] Where to learn more about what Chris Smith is up to! 

[30:15] Where to learn more about our upcoming masterclass! 

[30:29] Thanking Chris for joining the first live broadcast of The Entrepology Podcast! 

[30:46] About our new series of offerings on various Entrepology Podcast pages! 

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More About Chris Smith 

Chris is a fifth-generation AZ native. He was raised in a ranching-rodeo family and still competes in rodeos across the Southwest. His wife is his hero and his kids are his best friends. 

Chris has always been fascinated with storytelling and influencing people his entire life. He started using storytelling to his advantage professionally in 2004 when he began a real estate career. Not long after that, he began in commercial real estate. That was when he had a HUGE realization. He realized that his success had more to do with his ability to listen, serve, and tell the story of who he was than it did with his knowledge about the industry or our service. Quickly, he became one of the top producers in the office and knew very little about what they did. This fascinated him to no end! 

Long story short, Chris has had a few lifetimes of careers — everything from selling products and services to ideas and dreams. Along his journey, he has always succeeded by listening, serving and telling the story of who he was, not what he did. Somewhere along that journey, he had the most powerful realization of all — which can be summed up by his favorite quote by Mark Twain: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”​ He then found out why he was put on this earth; to help others get clear on what their brand stands for, the stories they should be telling, and how to build a culture people can connect with. 

That is when he started kCross and their proprietary methodology: ‘The Campfire Effect.’ 

Chris has had the privilege of working with startups, small businesses, and emerging high-tech growth businesses, as well as Fortune 500 companies. He believes that if organizations were more intentional about what their brand stood for and could communicate that story with clarity, the impact and influence they would have on the world would be unstoppable. 

Through kCross, Chris is spreading the Campfire Effect to organizations throughout the world! 

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Social media: FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter: @ChrisSmithAZ 

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In this episode, Chris has shared with us what it means to him to step up and lead in these uncertain times. Now, we’d love to hear from you! Follow up with us and let us know what you’re doing during these uncertain times over on The Entrepology Collective — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“If you really have the courage to take a stand for your story, your story can be the greatest thing you have to influence your mission, your message, and your movement to create the kind of income and impact you’re capable of.” — Chris Smith 

“We believe that you can define what your family stands for or the world will.” — Chris Smith 

“When you take that stand for your family, your family will become your greatest source of connection, love, and joy.” — Chris Smith 

“If you take this work seriously; if you do this process, … you will create a culture of love, joy, and connection in your home that will impact generations of your posterity.” — Chris Smith 

“Your market should never create your message; Your message should always create your market.” — Chris Smith 

“I believe it has never been more important to share your story amid the coronavirus pandemic. I also believe you should be putting out more content than ever in the history of your practice/your business.” — Chris Smith 

“What I believe the world needs to hear right now more than anything are stories of overcoming — because your story of overcoming will remind others that they can overcome.” — Chris Smith