How many of you have a book inside of you waiting to be written? Something that you have always wanted to write? But, ultimately, life gets in the way of actually writing it? 

Well, right now we’re living in unprecedented times! Like many of you, I am engaged in social distancing. We’re all spending way more time at home than we ever thought we would. And frankly, there is nothing better to do than write a book (and further our careers) when we are all locked down. 

And, on today’s podcast, I have the perfect person joining me to help us all do just that. Chandler Bolt is the founder and CEO of the Self-Publishing School. His claim to fame is that he can help you write your book in just 90 days! He has a very simple methodology that can help you go from creating your outline and writing your rough draft to self-publishing a fully-realized book. In this podcast, he details exactly how you can leverage writing your own book to further your business and give you more credibility in your field, the exact process he has used to write his six successful bestselling books, the specific models that make all the difference in the world of self-publishing, and how to actually deliver on what your readers care about. 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:13] About today’s incredible guest, Chandler Bolt! 

[2:31] Welcoming Chandler to the podcast! 

[3:00] Chandler gives a background on who he is and how he got started in what it is that he does! 

[4:15] Why waiting to ‘be discovered’ as an author is obsolete nowadays… and why self-publishing is taking over! 

[6:37] Chandler gives some insight into how we can leverage this unprecedented time that we have right now to get started on writing our book! 

[11:23] Chandler’s tips for those who consider themselves to be poor writers. 

[13:33] The four Ps that your reader cares about: the person, pain, promise, and a price. 

[15:07] Chandler gives some invaluable advice on self-publishing your book. 

[18:30] Chandler shares some examples of how writing a book has changed the trajectory of his clients’ businesses. 

[21:41] Chandler explains what the ascension model is and how it can help them achieve major success. 

[25:55] What makes ‘free plus shipping’ a successful model? 

[28:51] How long will the entire process of writing a book take from start-finish? 

[29:52] How long do these books tend to be? 

[32:21] All about our exclusive masterclass on the 7th of April! 

[32:50] About my upcoming book, Inconceivable Impact. 

[35:08] Where to get access to this exclusive masterclass. 

[35:25] Chandler’s key performance indicators! 

[40:22] Where to access Chandler’s resources. 

[41:09] Thanking Chandler for joining The Entrepology Podcast! 

Mentioned in This Episode: 

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Self-Publishing School 

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Our Free Workshop: How to Write & Launch Your Book to $10,000+ in 90 Days 

“My Top 10 ‘Most Impactful’ Books Of All Time” — Chandler’s Youtube Video 

Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin 

The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life — Before 8AM, by Hal Elrod 

NEEDTOBREATHE (Chandler’s brother’s band) 

Breaking Out of a Broken System, by Seth Bolt and Chandler Bolt 

More About Chandler Bolt 

Chandler is a 6-time bestselling author, founder, CEO of Self-Publishing School, and the host of the Self-Publishing School podcast. Self-Publishing School is the #1 online resource for writing your first book. They made the INC 5000 in 2018 (#2,699) as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. 

Through Chandler’s books, podcast, training videos, and Self-Publishing School, he’s helping thousands of people on their journey to writing their first book! 

Connect with my Guest: 


Social Media: Twitter @Self_Pub_School, Instagram @Self_Publishing_School, Facebook @Chandler.Bolt1, and Youtube @ChandlerBoltOfficial. 

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Are you going to take the 90-day book challenge with me? Be sure to tune in on April 7th to join the masterclass and learn even more about what we discussed on today’s podcast! Or, if you just can’t wait to get started, hop on over to Chandler’s website, Self-Publishing School, and download his free resource: the Book Outline Template GeneratorAnd be sure to let us know about your goals for your future book over on The Entrepology Collective — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“Now self-publishing has become the preferred option for most authors because you keep your creative control, you keep the lion’s share of the royalties versus earning pennies on the dollar and it’s a faster; more effective way to sell more books.” — Chandler Bolt 

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter whether your book is self-published or traditionally published. … It’s about helping the reader solve the problem that they’re trying to solve.” — Chandler Bolt 

“As a buddy of mine would say: create or complain!” — Chandler Bolt 

“The first and most important thing is getting the rough draft done. That is the most important thing. That is where we start to see that people start to believe that they can write a book.” — Chandler Bolt 

“Our goal is 0-to-published in 90 days.” — Chandler Bolt 

“A lot of people don’t do the proper organization upfront — therefore, what they write is not good; because it’s an incoherent thought.” — Chandler Bolt