Today’s episode is the second of a two-part series we’re doing all about brain health and productivity. And today I am joined by Neuroscientist and Psychologist, Dr. Kristen Race! 

Dr. Kristen Race has focused her entire career on helping individuals improve their state of mindfulness — both in their own lives and in a corporate setting. And in this episode, we’re talking about it in the context of parenting and entrepreneurship. Dr. Race’s interview with me today is full of tips that you can start to integrate right away. She also breaks down a lot of the misconceptions about what it means to include mindfulness or meditation into your day. 

If you’re looking to increase your productivity and your ability to focus around your kids, your family, and the work that you love, I promise you: today’s interview was designed especially for you! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:00] About today’s episode with Dr. Kristen Race! 

[2:00] Welcoming Dr. Kristen Race to the podcast! 

[2:38] Dr. Race provides a background on who she is, what she does, and her journey of how she originally became an entrepreneur! 

[8:55] How to raise mindful children as an entrepreneur, put boundaries around your work and family, and build resilience to stress. 

[12:22] How does Dr. Race define mindfulness? 

[14:19] How Dr. Race integrates mindfulness throughout her day. 

[19:01] What Dr. Race does daily to be more productive and efficient with her time. 

[24:14] Dr. Race shares some of the rules she has imposed on herself and those she works with around phones. 

[28:21] Dr. Race shares two of her daily rituals: her ‘shutdown ritual’ (or ‘digital sunset’) and her transition ritual. 

[35:04] The difference between mindfulness and meditation. 

[39:19] How to incorporate mindfulness into your skincare routine. 

[42:57] Dr. Kristen Race’s key performance indicators! 

[46:59] Where to follow-up with Dr. Kristen Race online! 

Mentioned in This Episode: 

Dr. Kristen Race 

Mindful Parenting: Simple and Powerful Solutions for Raising Creative, Engaged, Happy Kids in Today’s Hectic World, by Kristen Race Ph.D. 

Solvasa Beauty 

Brendon Burchard 

The Education of Little Tree, by Forrest Carter 

More About Dr. Kristen Race 

A self-described “brain geek,” Dr. Kristen Race has spent the last 12 years exploring the nexus between mindfulness and neuroscience. She is the author of Mindful Parenting, the founder of Mindful Life™️, and Head of Mindfulness at Solvasa, a pioneer in integrative beauty. Dr. Race has been featured in The New York Times, NPR, and CNN among others. She’s trained over 50,000 leaders in her methods worldwide, including the likes of Sheryl Sandberg and Sara Blakely. 

Connect with my Guest: 

Websites: and 

Social Media: Instagram @DrKristenRace, Twitter @DrKristenRace, and Facebook @DrKristenRace 

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Let’s hear about what you’re doing on the side of mindfulness and meditation! What rituals are you doing to stay productive, efficient, and transition from work to family? What rituals did you hear about today that you are going to try incorporating into your day? Let us know and continue the conversation over on The Entrepology Collective — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“I define mindfulness as bringing your awareness to the present moment in systematic ways.” — Kristen Race 

“I think we really have to be intentional about how we move and shift roles when we get home from the office.” — Kristen Race 

“I think mindfulness is a way of being in the world. Being mindful. Being aware.”  

— Kristen Race 

“Meditation is a practice that’s like bicep curls for your brain — specifically, your prefrontal cortex, which is a part of our brain that you need to be present, and engaged, and clear.” — Kristen Race 

“You can strengthen these key structures of your brain through mindfulness practices.” — Kristen Race 

“One of the misconceptions with meditation is … ‘You have to clear your mind … I can’t do that.’ … that’s the biggest myth out there. The idea with mindfulness meditation is not to clear your mind; it’s to bring your mind to one point of focus and to hold it.” — Kristen Race 

“What I love about mindfulness is that it can be practiced formally but what I tend to use most and teach most are these little informal practices that you can do throughout your day that are like little boosts of energy to your prefrontal cortex.” — Kristen Race