It is truly my pleasure to introduce you to my guest today, Dr. Erin Wiley! Dr. Wiley is not only a Naturopathic Doctor, but she is also the person that I co-founded the Integrative Health Institute with back in 2008. And while I moved on from IHI, Erin blossomed that practice into a space that houses over twenty-five practitioners. And what Erin caters to, with a level of excellence that I have seen unparalleled in our industry, is working with entrepreneurs and go-getters. 

I’m so excited to have Erin joining me today so that we can start to unpack some of her methodologies for working with this population. Erin loves working with entrepreneurs and go-getters and she describes her unique area of practice as “…helping them to see their health goals as being in line with their business goals.” Erin often hears from people that they feel their health is in conflict with their work and they’ve already made too many sacrifices. However, shifting your mindset to understand that your health is actually your powerplay for your business is actually the most critical tool in advancing your career! 

And, when you stick with us until the end of the podcast, we’re making a MASSIVE announcement! This is something you definitely do not want to miss. 

Key Takeaways: 

[:56] About today’s exciting episode! 

[2:02] Welcoming Dr. Erin Wiley to the podcast! 

[2:30] Dr. Wiley shares her background and what originally got her interested in naturopathic medicine. 

[4:13] How Erin learned the hard way that we can’t make sacrifices on our health. 

[6:20] When Erin works with her clients around this state of optimization, what are some of the areas of their health that she focuses on in particular? 

[11:33] How does Erin assess her clients’ health when they come into her practice? 

[18:48] Erin and I share our exciting announcement! 

[21:22] Erin explains what OKRs are and how she leverages them in her practice. 

[26:29] The top five habits that Erin finds are most efficacious in moving the needle for entrepreneurs’ and go-getters’ health! 

[33:01] Dr. Erin Wiley’s key performance indicators! 

[37:29] Dr. Erin Wiley gives an overview of all of the amenities that the Integrative Health Institute has to offer. 

[41:15] Where to learn more about what Dr. Erin Wiley is up to! 

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More About Dr. Erin Wiley 

Dr. Erin Wiley understands that you are on a mission, leading an industry, defining culture, and making our world a better place. You have goals for your life that include success, freedom, creativity, and adventure. You are giving “your all” to realize your goals and your health is your greatest resource for achieving them. 

Health is not the price you need to pay for your success. You can “lean in” to your work without sacrificing your well-being. 

Dr. Erin Wiley is your smart medicine strategist. She operates from a medical system that values function and performance. A system that is not limited when “test results are normal” but you are still suffering. A system that asks bigger questions about your personal vision for your health and does not assume your level of commitment. 

She won’t tell you to quit your job or ask you to cook every meal from scratch, but she will help you to get real about aligning your health goals with your life goals. Abundant energy, amazing relationships, and big life adventures are the fuel that will help you leave your mark on the world without leaving your health behind. 

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Dr. Erin Wiley and I would love to know which of her top 5 habits you’re currently leveraging in your own life! We’d also love to know how you’re planning on incorporating the ones you’re not yet leveraging to continue optimizing your health even further. So be sure to continue the conversation on The Entrepology Collective — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“I really love working with executives and go-getters. I love their mindset, I love their mission, and I love that they’re so driven and focused on their goals.” — Dr. Erin Wiley 

“My unique area is helping entrepreneurs and go-getters to see their health goals as being in line with their business goals. They’re one and the same.” — Dr. Erin Wiley 

“If we can start to use what we know about business and leadership strategies and apply it to the health of a human body, it really makes a lot of sense.” — Dr. Erin Wiley 

“For a lot of us humans optimal sleep, optimal nutrition, and optimal movement are the biggest factors that are going to move the dial forward on our health.” — Dr. Erin Wiley 

“If you don’t have an overall strategy for your health, you’re probably just going to end up with a cupboard full of supplements that you don’t really know what you’re supposed to do with!” — Dr. Erin Wiley 

“Making that mindset shift that we’re going to value joy and play and having the courage to block that time on your schedule will help you gain traction and momentum in your leadership and the energy that you use to inspire those around you.” — Dr. Erin Wiley