My guest today, Samer Abughannam, is an entrepreneur, an engineer, and someone desperately passionate to find a solution to the fragmentation that we are experiencing in the healthcare system here in Canada. 

If you are someone who has ever looked for support for mental health, I want you to listen up — because Samer has a solution! And if you are an entrepreneur who has ever been fascinated about how you can take this idea that you have about solving a problem and actually bring it to market — then we’ve got you covered as well. 

Samer has such an interesting background. He’s created this incredible platform called Layla and he has a really unique insight in terms of how we can leverage technology (as well as good, old fashioned person-to-person interactions) to build a business designed for the 21st century. 

Tune in as we talk entrepreneurship, mental health, online platforms, startups, and more! 

Key Takeaways: 

[:45] About today’s awesome guest! 

[1:42] Welcoming Samer Abughannam to the podcast! 

[2:05] Samer shares some background on his journey that has gotten him to this place. 

[5:33] Samer explains what Layla is. 

[8:58] How Layla is lowering the barrier of entry to care. 

[10:35] What percentage of Layla’s clients are opting for online care vs. in-person/in-office? 

[12:16] Samer speaks about the landscapes of startups with regard to healthcare in Canada. 

[15:36] Where is Samer sending people to find funding or scale their business? 

[18:45] Samer shares his greater vision for Layla and the impact he would like to have on this generation of people looking to improve their mental health. 

[23:05] What designations do people need to have to be a part of Samer’s community online? 

[28:27] Samer’s key performance indicators! 

[32:57] Where to learn more about what Samer is up to and the care you can receive at Layla! 

Mentioned in This Episode: 


MaRS Discovery District 

Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice, by Clayton M. Christensen, Taddy Hall, Karen Dillon, and David S. Duncan Techstars 

Futurpreneur Canada‎ 

National Resource Council 

More About Samer Abughannam 

Samer was motivated to create Layla after observing the hassle we go through to find the right mental health support. After starting his career as an engineer, he then became involved in healthcare investing and operations at Persistence Capital Partners and MaRS, leading projects in hypertension prevention, diabetes prevention and management, corporate wellness, and home health. He is a Senior Adviser to the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Education: B. Eng (McGill), MBA (Harvard). 

Connect with my Guest: 

Website: Layla.Care 

Social Media: @LaylaHealth on Instagram & @LaylaHealth on Facebook 

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“You’ve got to start with a problem and be very empathetic about it and the people facing it. And don’t be at all egotistical about the solution that you have in mind.”  

— Samer Abughannam 

“Design your process in such a way where you’re constantly learning and adapting.”  

— Samer Abughannam 

“The faster you get to talking to your ultimate client and learning more about their problem, the more successful your company will be.” — Samer Abughannam