I feel like we hear a lot about the word ‘intention,’ especially as we get into the new year. Everyone’s talking resolutions and then the evolution of the resolution and the intentions behind that… But honestly, it’s all just vernacular until you actually put it into practice. 

My guest today, Adrienne Enns, is an author and the Chief Joy Curator at May You Know Joy. Her area of expertise and her passion in life is helping individuals actually live a life filled with intention. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, how many kids you have, or how many companies you are running, being able to walk into any given moment with a level of intentionality doesn’t take time — it simply takes practice. And this is what Adrienne’s mission in life is all about; to teach us how to engage in any given moment with intentionality as we move toward being able to live a life of joy! 

In today’s episode, we talk about the concept of living in the moment, how to bring your day-to-day intentions and big-picture intentions together, how to build a routine to help you get into a state of living with intentionality, and some of the key steps to take when you’re trying to reconnect with your purpose and live with more intention. Her advice is a balance between practicality and inspirational, and I know you’re going to love her as much as I do! 

Key Takeaways: 

[:50] About today’s episode. 

[2:05] Welcoming Adrienne Enns to the podcast! 

[2:13] Adrienne shares the story of how she’s gotten to this place in her life and career. 

[4:32] Unpacking the concept of living in the moment and how Adrienne began living presently in the early days of her addiction recovery. 

[6:17] Adrienne speaks about her role as a Chief Joy Curator and the mission of May You Know Joy! 

[7:58] How Adrienne recommends bringing your day-to-day intentions and your big-picture intentions together. 

[10:14] Adrienne’s morning routine that helps her get into a state of intentionality. 

[11:35] Adrienne speaks about her mindfulness and meditation practice and how it has evolved over time. 

[12:33] The importance of creating time for yourself. 

[13:19] What does Adrienne often find drives people over the threshold in terms of having a regular meditation or mindfulness practice? Alternatively, why are some people so scared to even approach that threshold? 

[15:43] How did Adrienne learn how to meditate? 

[17:17] Adrienne breaks down some of the misconceptions around meditation! (What people think it is vs. what it actually is) 

[19:22] Does Adrienne use any devices or tools to help her with her meditation practice? 

[21:06] The importance of dropping perfectionism when it comes to practicing meditation and intentionality. 

[22:07] Part of intentional living is reconnecting to your purpose. How does Adrienne help people find purpose? 

[23:30] Breaking down the first steps of finding your purpose and living with intention. 

[24:58] Where the power of purpose comes into play. 

[27:21] Adrienne takes us through her new book and breaks down the benefits of every section! 

[29:19] What would a seasonal transformation look like in terms of setting intentions? Especially for this year’s Spring Equinox? 

[32:07] How would Adrienne describe her purpose? 

[34:03] Adrienne’s key-performance indicators! 

[36:15] Where to learn more about what Adrienne is up to! 

Mentioned in This Episode: 

May You Know Joy 

Intentional Days: Creating Your Life on Purpose, by Adrienne Enns 

May You Know Joy Cards 

Seeds of Intention Cards 


The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself, by Michael A. Singer 

More About Adrienne Enns 

Adrienne is an author and the founder of May You Know Joy Inc. Her mission is to create products, experiences, and conversations to help us live our most intentional lives. Her struggle with addiction inspired her own intentional path. She understands that we all have raw material and it’s what we do with it that matters. She helps us live life on purpose. 

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How are you going to take step towards living more intentionally? I would love to continue the conversation over on The Entrepology Collective! Let me know what you’re doing now to live intentionally, what you have tried in the past, and one powerful move you’re going to take in 2020 to live with even more intentionality! 


“Can we just love ourselves enough to be in the mess?” — Adrienne Enns 

“Intention to me means deciding how you want to show up and practicing that.”  

— Adrienne Enns 

“Once you say you have an intention, the world is going to give you a lot of opportunities to practice it.” — Adrienne Enns 

“Intention is aligning with who you want to be and how you want to show up and putting your energy into the next right thing instead of beating yourself up.” — Adrienne Enns 

“Every moment is an opportunity to begin again.” — Adrienne Enns