My guest today is an expert in really particular field: concussions. And before you stop and go, ‘This is not relevant to me,’ let me tell you that within our lifetime, either you or I (or someone very close to us) will likely experience a concussion. And that old wisdom that we learned when we were young — that you should put someone to bed and wake them up every hour to manage that concussion — is really old news! 

Melissa Biscardi is a registered neuroscience nurse, osteopathic therapist, and a concussion specialist. She’s also a member of our business mastermind called the Clinician Code! 

I really wanted Melissa to join us today specifically talk to us about the latest research with respect to concussions and what we should all do post-concussion. What I want everyone to be armed with is the exact formulation of what you need to be doing and looking for, should you — or someone you know — experience a concussion. Head injuries can happen at a moment’s notice. It’s not something that’s reserved for athletes — it can simply happen as we move through our day-to-day lives! And knowing how to react and respond when that situation emerges makes an absolute difference in both your short and long-term health. In fact, Melissa goes over some of the research in this episode related to how concussions can actually impact women’s menstrual cycles and their post-partum period up to 10 years later! 

Not only is the information presented in this episode super important, but Melissa is also equally entertaining! Be sure to tune in for this highly informative episode! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:04] About today’s episode and guest! 

[2:51] Welcoming Melissa Biscardi to the podcast! 

[4:08] Melissa shares her story and how she came to enter the health field. 

[6:01] What was it about concussions that drew Melissa in? 

[7:07] Melissa defines what a concussion is. 

[8:30] Does every time someone hits their head qualify as a potential concussion? And after a head injury occurs, what should we be doing immediately following it? 

[10:23] Why has the advice around concussions vastly changed? 

[10:53] Does the advice really vary depending on the concussion and patient? 

[11:31] Who should people be seeking care from post-concussion? 

[12:56] What does Melissa do with patients that seek her care post-concussion? 

[14:18] Food and drinks: Melissa’s dos and don’ts! 

[15:20] The differences between men and women as it pertains to concussions. 

[18:12] How does Melissa’s treatment differ when she works with someone who has had an injury within a relatively short time span vs. someone who had their injury a long time ago but hasn’t necessarily fully recovered? 

[19:44] Is there a difference in treatment for adults vs. kids during the post-concussion period? And do kids recover faster? 

[20:37] Melissa shares what prolongs the recovery of a concussion. 

[23:06] The important piece lifestyle plays in recovery of a concussion. 

[24:32] The influence of technology in one’s recovery post-concussion. 

[26:02] What does Melissa see in the world today that could vastly improve our health if we just stopped doing it? 

[28:34] Melissa’s key-performance indicators! 

[31:19] Where to learn more about what Melissa is up to! 

Mentioned in This Episode: 

The Clinician Code — Mastermind 

Melissa’s Website: 

Melissa’s Instagram: @The.Rehab.Lab — Click the link on her profile to download “Concussed, Now What?” a free guide to get you started on the basics of concussion recovery! 

Impact LIVEs Event — Get Your Tickets Here! 


Jen Oliver (FitMama) 

The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand 

More About Melissa Biscardi 

Melissa Biscardi is a registered neuroscience nurse, osteopathic therapist and concussion specialist. She maintains a private practice in downtown Toronto that focuses on concussion management and optimizing brain health for busy go-getters. As a clinician Melissa focuses on neurorehabilitation from a functional perspective — this means getting things working better and for longer without the use of medications. 

Melissa is incredibly passionate about providing patients with effective evidence-based and personalized care. Her goal is always to help patients understand their bodies and empower them in making decisions to support their health moving forward. 

Melissa has published numerous research articles and three book chapters covering different aspects of brain health including concussion, dementia, injury prevention, and aging with brain injury. 

Connect with my Guest: 

Melissa’s Website: 

Melissa’s Instagram: @The.Rehab.Lab — Click the link on her profile to download “Concussed, Now What?” a free guide to get you started on the basics of concussion recovery! 

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Do you remember all of the things that can prolong your recovery post-concussion? One of them is simply not having a healthy lifestyle prior! It’s paramount that you have a healthy lifestyle pre- and post-concussion! Re-listen to Melissa’s do’s and don’ts at [14:18] and let us know what you’ll be making a commitment to for optimal health! And be sure to follow-up with us on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“A concussion happens when there’s an acceleration and deceleration force that goes either through the body or the head. So you actually don’t need to be hit in the head to sustain a concussion!” — Melissa Biscardi 

“The view of what should happen after you hit your head has really changed over the years. It used to be: … ‘Lock yourself in a … dark room and remove yourself from all stimulation.’ But that is really old information and we just know a lot more now.” — Melissa Biscardi 

“A concussion can really mess with our periods. Some women will lose their period for months and months. It has been reported up to three years later. … Other women will get an extra period or all of a sudden they’ll be getting more cramps than they used to.”  — Melissa Biscardi 

“When you have a concussion you’re actually at risk for getting another injury, like a lower extremity injury … in the two years following your concussion — and for women, the risk is even higher!” — Melissa Biscardi