On the Entrepology Podcast, we talk a lot about fitness and exercise. And on the other side of the coin, we also explore a lot on the themes of meditation and spiritual exploration. But how often do you think of the integration of these two things together? 

My guest today, Stephanie Karlovits, is a trainer by background and an entrepreneur by spirit! She is the founder of EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle in Ottawa. But don’t be deceived by the idea that she is just another trainer — Stephanie is a thinker. She is someone is moving the dial and pushing the needle as it pertains to how we integrate these very critical and important elements of our health. 

Stephanie has this tremendously successful wellness center which happens to house practitioners and a gym. And what she’s really trying to figure out right now in her exploration as someone who facilitates exercise, fitness, and health — and as someone on her own spiritual journey — is how we can fit the two things together under one roof. What started as a problem for a health expert has become a challenge for an entrepreneur. And in this episode, she shares with us the most interesting story and perspective on her journey, thus far! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:40] About today’s episode! 

[3:11] Welcoming Stephanie to the podcast! 

[3:47] Stephanie gives us a background on who she is and what she does! 

[6:22] Stephanie unpacks what separates her fitness and lifestyle center from a regular gym. 

[11:21] Stephanie speaks about the intersection of spirituality in a gym/movement setting and why it is so important. 

[23:15] How do we incorporate spirituality into our fitness/exercise/movement practice? 

[26:37] Stephanie shares the mentality and mindset behind her success as an entrepreneur. 

[34:04] What can clients of EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle expect? 

[37:58] Who is Stephanie’s ideal client? Who does she work with? 

[41:16] Stephanie’s key performance indicators! 

[46:02] Where to learn more about Stephanie and what she’s up to! 

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[47:24] My challenge to you this week! 

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More About Stephanie Karlovits 

Stephanie Karlovits started personal training at the age of 18. She went on to manage a team of personal trainers at 24, only to find herself burned out and the unhealthiest she had ever been. 

She started EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle in 2012, as a response to her own recovery and to help other people reconcile being ambitious and driven while highly valuing their health and wellbeing. 

For seven years, EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle has been a leader in functional personal training and holistic lifestyle coaching. She and her team combine mental, physical, biochemical, and spiritual teachings in order to help people find sustainable health and a life where they feel ALIVE! 

The EPIC Life Formula specifically, and the teachings that go with it, have been a passion project for her for a couple of years now. It combines everything she has discovered and learned over 15 years in the industry. Her formal education in Psychology combined with dozens of certifications and continued education in personal training along with her Holistic Nutrition diploma, Yoga teacher training, spiritual education, and forest knowledge come together to help people really heal, get strong, feel whole, and live the life they have always dreamed about. 

Connect with my Guest: 

Website: EpicFitnessOttawa.com 

Social Media: Instagram — @stephaniekarlovitsInstagram — @epicfitnessottawa, and Facebook — EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle 

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I think that sometimes meditation and mindfulness get a bad rap. We think we need to sit there with complete absence in our mind — but frankly, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. What I would love to hear from you this week is about your own journey with meditation and mindfulness. What have you done this week to, at least twice, engage in a mindfulness practice? This might be anything from climbing the side of a mountain, going for a morning walk, or sitting in silence for a minute. 

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“When we create frameworks around spirituality and really understand with our logic mind what that means, we can understand what phase we’re in. Everyone who kind of ‘wakes up’ has this place where they think, ‘What does anything mean anymore?’” — Stephanie Karlovits 

“‘I need to be ‘X’ in order to ‘Y,’’ which is ‘belong,’ ‘be loved,’ ‘fit in,’ ‘be successful,’ is  an equation that’s not real. We were programmed with that.  The truth is, you belong already, you’re whole already, buout of alignment.” — Stephanie Karlovits 

“We North Americans believe you can fix your inner self by purchasing ‘whatever’ or by ‘quick five habits to change your life.’  And it’s not that simple.  You have to sit with yourself, get to know yourself, and start to create awareness.” — Stephanie Karlovits 

“One of my life missions is to really help the intellectual person tap into body intelligence and spiritual intelligence so they become superhuman!” — Stephanie Karlovits