My guest today, Dr. Jennifer Tanner, is an expert in runners. She’s a naturopathic doctor who practices here in Toronto. She’s really made it her life’s mission to get people moving again. Whether you are thinking about starting to move or you are actually a seasoned runner or racer — Jen is the N.D. for you! 

On today’s podcast, we get into it all — but most of all, we focused on how we actually enable runners to recover faster and prevent burnout. It’s amazing to get moving as a way to be able to medicate the stress that we have in our lives as entrepreneurs and go-getters, but sometimes, as driven people, we kind of push it too far. Dr. Tanner talks about the signs that you should be looking for, some of the programming you can put into play to avoid burnout, and what an optimal recovery plan actually looks like. 

Whether you are a runner yourself or you’re a weekend warrior, the ideas Dr. Tanner shares in this episode are absolutely applicable for you! So tune in to hear her insight and optimize your movement! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:01] About today’s guest and episode! 

[2:17] Welcoming Dr. Jennifer Tanner to the podcast! 

[2:43] Dr. Tanner gives us some background on who she is and why she became so involved with runners and runner burnout! 

[3:30] What does runner burnout look like? 

[4:41] How do we recognize who is at risk for runner burnout? What are the symptoms of runner burnout? 

[6:16] How Dr. Tanner manages runner burnout with her clients. 

[7:55] The connection between gut issues and runners. 

[9:45] How do we get runners out of a sympathetic state? 

[15:08] Are there people that should not be running? 

[16:14] What is Dr. Tanner’s perspective on running for those who are postpartum? 

[18:18] Dr. Tanner on involving her kids with her running. 

[19:53] The importance of having pelvic floor physio prior to getting back to running (or any kind of exercising) after pregnancy. 

[21:08] How to mitigate injury and inflammation in the daily routine of a runner. 

[27:12] Dr. Tanner addresses some really common mistakes she sees runners making. 

[32:37] Dr. Jennifer Tanner’s key performance indicators! 

[36:00] Where to find Dr. Tanner online! 

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More About Dr. Jennifer Tanner 

As an award-winning Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Jennifer Tanner believes in movement. She was introduced to the world of medicine when she injured herself competing in tetrathlons (running, shooting, horseback riding and swimming). Surgery and pain killers were the only options she was given. Frustrated that three knee surgeries still didn’t correct the problem, she searched elsewhere for options. After decades of research, working as a Western University Athletic Therapist and at the Sydney Olympics and logging thousands of patient hours, she created the STRONGER Inside Protocols. With these protocols, she now has the energy and strength to run marathons. She helps optimize the health and performance of executives, runners, and those looking to bring fitness back into their lives with three major goals: recharging their energy, injury prevention and treatment, and healthy digestion. 

Dr. Jennifer Tanner is dedicated to helping people Design Your Health. Together with her clients and patients, she creates a roadmap that aligns with their health goals and takes the stress off of them so they can live more freely. 

Dr. Jennifer Tanner is also a mother to three wildly animated children, is a horse lover, marathon runner, and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping others feel their best. She strives to help others find their Inner Superhero so they have the energy to get back to doing what they love doing. 

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Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just beginning to incorporate movement into your life, it’s good to also begin to implement tips to mitigate injury and inflammation! Just a few of the easy tips from Dr. Jennifer Tanner in this episode are: drinking nettle tea post-runs (especially in the winter months), contrast showers post-run, eat a lot of red cabbage, and ingest curcumin. Let us know what you’ll be incorporating and follow-up with us on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“Running a business is like running a marathon … it takes dedication and it’s a whole lot of work.” — Dr. Jennifer Tanner 


“My mission now is to help people stay moving.” — Dr. Jennifer Tanner 


“Build appropriately. You shouldn’t be building more than 30% in a week for your training schedule. If you’re doing more than that you’re definitely prone to injury.”  

— Dr. Jennifer Tanner 


“Nutrition totally matters. A lot of people will carb-load, but carb-load with a lot of wheat products. I love switching that mindset over and carbo-loading with a lot of sweet potatoes [and] getting the greens in there as well.” — Dr. Jennifer Tanner 


“Race day is not a good day to sample new products!” — Dr. Jennifer Tanner