Here’s the challenge in the day-to-day life of an entrepreneur: they get that they should be doing breathwork, yoga, and eating whole foods… But the reality is they feel super busy. They’ve got clearly articulated goals on the business side but actually making that leap to hit those goals with respect to one’s career is often a difficult chasm to leap across. 

My guest today, Selina Rose, is a nutritionist, an integrative holistic health coach, and a yoga instructor. And what’s so cool about Selina’s approach to health is that she’s really been able to break it down into a framework that is easily and readily accessible for people who are on the go. 

In this episode, Selina offers all sorts of tangible tips and really acknowledges that there is a leap that needs to take place between ‘living the life of an entrepreneur’ and being able to find that semblance of balance. Selina highlights the tactics and tools we can use to help achieve this — how to transition to a more sustainable way of living to optimize your health and your business, and the pillars of her C.A.L.M. system that she uses to help her clients reach their goals! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:17] About today’s show with Selina Rose! 

[2:40] Welcoming Selina to the podcast! 

[3:01] Selina tells us all about her background: what she does and how she got here! 

[4:45] What Selina says to the people who believe you can’t be healthy and have a fruitful career. 

[6:19] Where does Selina start with clients who are currently living or struggling with a non-sustainable level of busyness in their life? How does she help them transition to a new way of life? 

[9:00] Once Selina helps her clients identify their values, what is the first, initial health-focused habit she gets them to solidify before they move on? 

[10:22] How does Selina help those she works with to incorporate breath work into their everyday lives? And how does breathwork help individuals? 

[16:01] Selina takes us through some of the entrepreneurial ninja moves that she’s got in her toolbox! 

[18:27] What if you don’t have time for an entire morning routine? What is the one thing you should make time for, no matter what? 

[19:20] Selina takes us through some of the pillars of her C.A.L.M System (which is a comprehensive overview that helps people to transition from a state of busyness to one of compassion). 

[22:00] What does the end success look like after this transition? 

[23:30] Is there a way of eating that Selina really subscribes to? And does she meet people where they are? 

[25:09] How does Selina help her clients begin cooking at home even when they’re really busy? 

[27:07] The importance of understanding the building blocks to a good diet. 

[29:35] A good starting point for a good diet: focus on breakfast. 

[30:14] What does Selina cover in her Eats & Asana university program? 

[32:16] Selina’s key performance indicators! 

[36:50] Where to go to learn more about what Selina is up to! 

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Eats & Asana 

More About Selina Rose 

Selina’s philosophy for food and life is holistic. She makes a healthy holistic lifestyle approachable for the busy professionals she works with. An author, Holistic Nutritionist, yoga teacher, and Integrative Nutrition Health, Selina brings many disciplines to her work. She is the founder of the Eats & Asana Method which helps modern high performers to have less stress and more energy so they can play full-out personally and professionally. Selina’s book, online programs and courses have helped thousands of people transform their health by managing stress, teaching them to adopt a new mindset toward their work, their bodies, food and dieting.  

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Our call to action today is to give breath work a try! Set a timer on your phone to remember and commit to at least five ‘breath breaks’ in a day. This is a time where everything stops for 10 breaths. You sit down, close your eyes, get grounded, mindful, and just take 10 deep breaths. It’s about simply completing the 10 breaths. You got this! And remember to follow up with us on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“When you get clear on … your priorities, then it is so much easier to look at what you’ve got going on and say, … ‘How am I going to support myself every single day … to be able to do the things that [I] want to do? And show up as the best version of [myself]?’” — Selina Rose 


“We just need to be realistic about not being able to do everything 110% all the time.”  

— Selina Rose 


“I love what the yoga philosophy and lifestyle can do for a person and I wanted to take that and bring that over into the entrepreneurial world.” — Selina Rose 


“I try to approach everything that I do as if it’s an adventure! … I try to bring that spirit into my life every day and that keeps things fun and interesting.” — Selina Rose 


“Balance doesn’t look the same for everyone. We need to get realistic about not being able to do everything 110% all the time.” – Selina Rose