Tips and tricks to understand our brain and optimize our habits.

Susan is a high performance coach working with elite business leaders, entrepreneurs and athletes. As you will soon hear, she has a remarkable ability to tap into the brain and leverage it to our advantage. This interview is full of actionable strategies to help you recognize patterns that are no longer serving your mission, and immediate steps to help you achieve your true potential. One cool thing about Susan is that no one can escape her incredible ability to perceive their state. If you are ready to go to the next level, she’ll call you on it and take you there. Conversely, if you’ve been hiding in your own head and making things up as to why you can’t move forward, she’s going to find that for you as well. This is an incredibly applicable interview, you are absolutely going to love it.

Key Takeaways:

[1:02] Please join our Facebook community, Legacy, a group of bad-ass women collectively committed to leaving the world better than we found it.

[2:58] Susan used to be a professional hockey player, and she believes that plays into her ability to read people.

[5:32] Even high performers hit brick walls, and experience health crises. Susan experienced that firsthand in college, and decided to pursue coaching after a coach turned everything around for her.

[8:51] How can a coach help someone go from a state of self-sabotage to a state of high achievement?

[10:17] You can’t be vague about the change that you want.

[12:36] Extrinsic motivation is not sustainable.

[15:17] Where is the balance between gratitude and ambition?

[20:42] How does Susan instill successful patterns into her daughter’s life?

[24:09] Susan utilizes a technique called NLP which is basically the art and science of influence.

[26:03] What is a quick exercise that a high achiever can use when they feel like they have plateaud?

[28:24] An expectation of perfection can be a big roadblock for many people.

[34:31] When setting goals, it’s important to think about how we want to feel rather than some material thing that we want.

[37:40] Take this month’s quiz about digestion at

[38:43] How you start your day (your morning routine) is a big predictor of how the day will go.

[41:27] Susan is a big fan of Tony Robbins and his books.

[42:28] Susan likes to drink green tea with maca.

[43:21] Susan uses play and fun strategically.

[44:16] Susan believes she was born an entrepreneur, but she believes people can be trained to be entrepreneurs as well.

[44:46] Entrepreneurs are willing to take risks.

[47:27] Susan is offering 50% off of a Deep Dive Assessment to Entrepology listeners.

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“I built a business based on coaching myself.”


“You have to really understand what you’re up against, which is the brain.”


“You make 95% to 97% of your choices on autopilot.”


“NLP teaches you to build patterns for predictable results.”


“Progression, not perfection. Feedback, not failure.”


“You are in a relationship with yourself.”


“Life is a celebration.”

More About Susan Hobson

Coach Susan Hobson is one of the industry’s top experts in the field of success psychology brain training. She created ‘Elite: High Performance Coaching,’ a science-based coaching process designed to drive your health, wealth, self, business and relationship performance to the next level. She works with professional athletes, executives, entrepreneurs and busy professionals-all who come to her to help blast through the many hidden performance roadblocks.

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