What if I told you that just through a few simple movements for 10-15 minutes every single day, you could increase your capacity to relax, focus, detoxify, sleep, and protect your body from pollutants? The ancient practice of Qigong improves all of these things in people’s lives!

My guest today, Sue Crites, is a certified Qigong instructor and master healer. She is also a nutritionist and has been working in energetic forms of healing for a very long time — in fact, we met at a workshop almost 10 years ago looking at auricular medicine (which we also get into later on in the podcast!) Sue has created a really innovative business for two reasons: one, she makes Qigong accessible to people who never thought this was a system of medicine or healing that would be of interest to them, and two, she does it online.

Sue has found a really captivating way of taking this ancient form of healing and making it relevant to the types of pressures that we have in today’s day and age. In this episode, we talk about parenthood, energy, entrepreneurialism, and of course, Qigong, and how this very simple process can fundamentally change your life.

Key Takeaways:

[2:09] About my guest today, Sue.

[4:14] Welcoming Sue Crites on the podcast.

[4:30] Sue shares her journey as a healer and nutritionist, and how she’s come to incorporate energetics into her practice.

[7:38] How Sue does energetic therapy online.

[9:40] Sue explains what auricular medicine is.

[11:28] Sue explains what Qigong is.

[13:19] How frequently should you practice Qigong to receive the benefits?

[14:31] Prior to Qigong, did Sue follow the philosophies of Chinese medicine and incorporate them into her practice?

[15:56] Sue describes The Five Element Theory and how it can help balance out our emotions.

[19:00] Do emotions drive physiological disease or does physiological disease drive emotions to the surface?

[21:35] Is there a certain type of person that is attracted to Qigong? How does Sue introduce Qigong to people who may be resistant?

[26:00] What is a “blockage” in regards to an impediment to healing?

[28:50] The influence of wifi and EMF fields on our health.

[32:18] How to practice Qigong every day.

[34:20] How to increase your energetic or vibrational frequency on a daily basis — Sue’s breathing exercise.

[39:57] How Sue defines health.

[42:14] Sue’s key performance indicators.

[46:44] Where to learn more about Sue and her online programs.

Mentioned in This Episode:


Auricular Medicine

The Five Element Theory

“Episode 067: The Secret Language of Your Body with Annette Dubreuil”

Radiant Shimmering Light: A Novel, by Sarah Selecky


More About Sue Crites

Sue is a Certified Spring Forest Qigong Instructor and Master Healer. She is passionate about sharing the message that true healing comes through balance within and among body, emotions, and spirit. Sue infuses Spring Forest Qigong and The Five Element Theory into her distance healing practice, which is a combination of Holistic Nutrition, Auricular Medicine, and intuitive guidance. She has found her clients and friends heal much faster when given a simple qigong movement to practice at home.

Sue also leads workshops and retreats, writes (see her work on The Huffington Post and Elephant Journal), and leads Qigong Practice Groups and Workshops Online and in Edmonton, St. Albert, and Athabasca. Sue is passionate about connecting people to nature and the seasons.

Sue’s vision is to help individuals balance and heal, creating space for happiness, connection, and love. Sue is the creator of Morning Mojo: the 10-min routine for peace, balance, and bliss and she is also the creator of Energy in Motion — the first online weekly Qigong membership community. Sue enjoys spending time outdoors in the boreal woods surrounding her home outside of Athabasca, AB.

Connect with my Guest:

Website: SueCrites.ca
Email: Sue@suecrites.ca

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Morning Mojo: SueCrites.ca/morning-mojo and Qigongfromhome.com

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Increase your vibrational frequency by practicing Sue’s breathing exercise over the next week! First, straighten your spine and relax your shoulders. You want energy to flow up and down the spine smoothly. Next, put a gentle a smile on your face. Then, start to take deep breaths and exhaling slowly. For a refresher, take a listen to the timestamp: 34:43. Remember to share your commitment on the Entrepology Podcast Facebook page! Because when you are accountable, you are helpable.


“With cameras now and the internet, it’s just so simple to reach all over the world and connect energetically on all levels. It’s like we’re in the same room.” — Sue Crites


“[Auricular medicine is] a way to help the body become autoregulating and self-healing again.” — Sue Crites


“[Qigong] is like acupuncture without the needles, and … meditation without sitting still.” — Sue Crites


“Thoughts are actually things that create a physiological response in the body. So if we’re bombarded daily with anxiety, fear … all these things … it affects us physically. … When we get stuck in any one of them for too long, we will develop health issues — guaranteed.” — Sue Crites


“90% of the time physical blockages or physical issues that we have in the body … starts in the emotions.” — Sue Crites


“Health, to me, is really about feeling good each day. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. Those things all have to work in balance and as one unit for true health to really be present.” — Sue Crites