Have you ever had this experience where you wake up and you feel like your body is out of control? Painful periods, hot flashes — your symptoms and your body feeling like they’re literally on fire? This is the story of my next guest.

Stacey Foat is a naturopathic physician from Australia and she takes us through her journey of recovering from debilitating symptoms related to hormonal imbalances. Stacey happened to be a naturopath when she started to experience these symptoms and was able to draw on her knowledge and overcome her diagnosis — reversing all of the debilitating symptoms simply through lifestyle changes and nutritional and herbal medicine.

Since then, Stacey has become incredibly passionate about talking about the upstream causes of hormonal disturbances, looking at ‘PMS’ premenstrual syndrome and breast cancer. She works hard to help hand women the power to control hormones through the decisions that they make every single day.

In this episode, Stacey shares things you can start to shift on a daily basis to gain control over those parts of your health that may or may not be signaling you to change.

Key Takeaways:

[1:53] Introduction to our guest today, Stacey Foat.

[4:23] Stacey takes us through her personal journey of how she became an advocate for women having control over their hormonal health.

[6:11] Why can’t we get more people to explore the opportunity to address the fundamental components of health that created the problem in the first place?

[7:00] Stacey’s feelings on the birth control pill.

[8:54] The notion of ‘common’ vs. ‘normal’; what women should or should not experience as they’re going through their monthly cycle.

[10:42] The alternative to the birth control pill: Stacey’s naturopathic 7-step healing system she uses to support clients in her clinic.

[15:50] Foods and drinks that perpetuate inflammation.

[16:48] Is moderation key in inflammatory foods and drinks?

[17:39] Beauty care products that raise red flags.

[19:27] The conversation we should all have about breast cancer prevention.

[23:52] The psychology work Stacey does with her clients related to hormonal imbalances.

[25:25] What is the ‘emotional freedom technique’?

[27:16] If you’re losing control of your emotional state, you need to look at what’s happening with respect to your hormones.

[29:44] What Stacey would like her legacy to be.

[30:01] How Stacey defines health.

[31:24] Stacey Foat’s KPIs!

[33:43] Where to find out more about the awesome stuff Stacey is up to.

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More About Stacey Foat

At age 27, Stacey was diagnosed as having commenced menopause, with no explanation as to why. Instead of admitting defeat, Stacey drew on her knowledge as a Naturopath and was able to overcome her diagnosis by addressing the underlying causes. Six months later she had completely reversed all the debilitating symptoms simply through lifestyle changes and nutritional and herbal medicine.

Since then, Stacey developed a burning desire to help women suffering from the same issues and has developed several programs that are meant to meld with your lifestyle; allowing you to follow along in your own time and space.

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“It is beautiful being a woman — and I don’t want women to ever feel like they’re trapped in their own body [due to hormonal imbalances].” — Stacey Foat

“We have this automatic assumption that [birth control pills] are safe. But, you’re messing around with a natural cycle; you’re suppressing a natural cycle. It comes with consequences — big consequences.” — Stacey Foat

“One of the most dangerous things I think anyone can do is jump on the birth control pill because they’ve got painful periods. You are massively suppressing something and overlooking something. Your body is trying to give you a big warning sign there.”

— Stacey Foat

“I am very compassionate and understanding about living a balanced life — that’s the whole thing I’m creating with Balanced Babes.” — Stacey Foat

“[To prevent breast cancer] you have to be proactive in your everyday life — it’s about flooding your body with good quality nutrition and antioxidants [and] … actively detoxing your system regularly.” — Stacey Foat

“It’s your job to protect your body from breast cancer.” — Stacie Foat

“If you’re proactive and you’re owning your body and you’re owning your choices, that’s when you have the control over what occurs in your body.” — Stacie Foat

“You need to make your health a hobby.” — Stacie Foat